The Psychology of Hate-Bring Back Hate

I’m always disgusted when anti-immigration people spend more time defending themselves (saying, we’re not Nazis, racists, hateful etc) than speaking on the issues.  They want their enemies to like them. How screwed up is that?

Back when we White Europeans were in a more natural state, where we had to fight tooth and nail for our very survival, we hated.  We hated and fought anything or anyone who threatened our existence or that of our clan (and later our larger nations).  We could not have any pity for those that would hurt or kill us.  The pitying of an enemy was a weakness that would often end in death.  Only a fool would feel pity and die!

Through the years, we became civilized.  Being civilized has been a good thing.  We have rules, laws, taboos, mores and courtesies that we extend to each other that make life easier and more pleasant.  White Europeans are the most advanced people in this way.  Generally, in recent years, we haven’t had to worry about our White neighbor robbing and/or killing us or raping our daughters.  There are/were always exceptions of course but when this happened, most have depended on the law and court system to punish those that harmed us.

We didn’t have to hate anymore.  We had a system to handle crimes against us and that system also deterred a lot of crime.  Part of the system dictated that you DID depend on the system…if you didn’t, you were considered as evil and wrong as the original perpetrator.  People would (and do) say, “You can’t take the law into your own hands”.

Now though, slowly but SURELY the system we have depended upon is failing us.  Worse, it is actually being used by outsiders (who actually want to destroy our orderly White society) to undermine our families and destroy our livelihoods.  Criminals run free after a short time in jail, getting shorter sentences or none at all.  White men are maligned and destroyed with false accusations of child molestation in custody battles.  We can no longer depend on this foreign-run system to protect us and punish our enemies.  It’s an outdated idea.

My mother did not like the word hate.  I don’t know if it was because she was a Christian or if it’s because liberal ideology told her it was a bad word but she would not let us children even SAY the word.  It was like a swear word in our home.   It was such a horrible concept, that it could not even be spoken of!  Is it any wonder that we are afraid of that word?  Is it any wonder our people want to be nice to even our enemies?

The word HATE needs to come back.  The concept needs to be embraced.  If we are to secure our existence and a future for White children, we must not pity our enemies.  They are everywhere and THEY hate US.  They are not going to go easy on us when we are nice to them and the system won’t protect us.  Quite the opposite.

Maybe some of you have seen this.  They call you a racist.  You say, “I can’t be a racist, I have Black friends”.  Your enemy says, “OMG this racist is insulting us again!”

You are damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

Learn to hate again.

Caveat:  Just as you do not walk around your house brandishing a knife or gun, keep hate in its sheath or holster until you need it.  If you do not control it, it can destroy you, or those around you.