Ireland Initiates Bill That Would Impose Criminal Penalties Against…

entities who sell, import, assist, etc., numerous Israeli Jewish products and services.

Very proud to be Irish at the moment.


The Proud Boys Are FAKE NEWS

Most of us REAL fascists have jobs and responsibilities.  We don’t have time to play silly games with Anti-White PAID “antifa”.

The Proud Boys are a multiracial group of fags who were named after the gayest song you ever heard called “Proud of Your Boy” from the Disney Aladdin movie.  I’m not linking the youtube for this cringy song.  Proud boys was founded by Gavin McInnis who I wanted to like because of his name but can’t because  apparently he actually stuck something in his rear end on camera for some weird reason.  (To show his allegiance to the kikes that rule the media, I guess)  NSFW.  Don’t open that link unless you want to be appalled.  It’s unbelievable.

The proud boys run around causing trouble in some kind of weird parody of a skinhead group.  Except none of them so far have gone to prison.  (correct me if I’m wrong).

I thought this one guy might have been the real deal.  His name is John Kinsman (nice name, is it real?) and they said he was “vicious”.  Then I saw his family.



So WHY would (((the powers that be))) fund a fake fascist group to pretend to be skinheads against the left?

  1.  The media needs news stories and the real fascists have jobs and families that they need to protect.  Proud Boys give antifa something to work with and together fun stories are created for the masses.
  2. Fake fascist groups serve as a release valve for would be activists.  They can live vicariously through a group like the Fag Boys and thus not feel inclined to do anything in real life.
  3. Fake groups serve as “honey pots” attracting sincere activists who then can be tracked, analyzed and controlled by the group.
  4. Finally, fake groups are started in order to confuse the idea of what a “Nazi White Supremacist” looks like.  You can even be black and be a White Racist.  Jews are the authors of confusion.  They thrive in chaotic situations so they constantly create them.  It keeps the goyim off balance and doesn’t leave much time for expelling jews from their lands.

That’s it!

Yvette Falarca Will Have Her Day In Court Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the big day for Yvette Felarca. Felarca, who is supposed to be a teacher of middle School students, appears to have approached and hit a demonstrator at a permitted rally. Her victim, Nigel Walker was then dragged to the ground and kicked and hit by Felarca’s Anti-White antifa comrades.

Let’s keep an eye on this tomorrow.


Patriot Front’s Massive Flier Campaign (and a bit about Injuns)

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Patriot Front is doing a great job leaving fliers encouraging our European American brothers and sisters to Reclaim Their Birthright and to Reclaim America.

America is ours.  We tried to live here peacefully with the Asiatic “Natives” but they kept attacking us.  They coveted our horses and our women.  The Comanche tribes who ruled much of North America were especially known for horse thievery.  Their “way” with horses (brought to the New World by the Spanish) is how they dominated and subjugated the weaker tribes around them.

But a more technologically advanced group dominated the Comanches and other Asiatic “Natives”.  That would be us.  We won this land.

We mustn’t let it slip away from us.