(Famous?) Negress Singer Sees Something Good in Hitler

And she thinks he was a wonderful painter!

This Erykah Badu person must be trying to prop up her career with this one.  Still it’s great when talking about Hitler in glowing terms is becoming the thing to do.

Pretty soon we’ll be able to talk about him whenever and wherever we want and people will have to accept it.  And then…



If Their Lips are Moving…

They’re probably lying.

An 11 year old Muslim female claimed a man abducted her on a street in Canada and CUT that towel thing she had on her head (jijab or whatever)…12 inches.

The anti-White government of Canada and its accomplices in the press jumped on this story with apologies and disclaimers all around.

Turns out, the whole thing was an attention grabbing hoax by an 11 year old girl.  OR the White Genociders put her up to it.  Her family has apologized for their lying offspring hoaxing an entire nation but the damage has been done.  The whole deal is to make up or exaggerate “racism” stories to teach White people that this sort of thing…that rarely happens, will not be tolerated.  It’s a way to beat us down mentally.  No wonder so many White men commit suicide.  Fuck those gov/media pigs.

What percentage of “news” is truthful?  I think I’m being generous by saying perhaps 10%.  That’s why I rarely report on news on my blog.  Why piggy back on lies?…I’d just be lying to my readers.


Jew Fag Gets Offed by “Nazi”

ALLEGEDLY…Bernstein was hitting on this guy Woodward whose social media posts defended the Confederate flag, showed a love of guns, the Bible and waterboarding. The sick jew probably looked at Woodward (Nazi guy) as a challenge.  He sent texts to others saying that the Nazi guy was hitting on him.  BAD MOVE.

Woodward stabbed him 20 times then buried him in the dirt.  A sloppy job, to be sure but maybe jew fags will think twice about hitting on Nazis now.

Probably not though which is why at some point, hopefully in my lifetime, these kikes will be dealt with once and for all.