Morning Crack Up

It’s “rap music” style but very funny.


Merkle-Ugly Frontman For Commies


She’s so easy to hate.  She was an attractive young woman likely lapping up all the male attention from her comrades.

Now she is doing her best to destroy Germany.  I would not be sad to see her hanging from a lamppost.  May I live to see the day!

Thanks to Der Kammerad for bringing this photo to my attention.

They Come To Be Abused

Apparently, one of Trump’s hotels unknowingly hired illegals to work in them.

This Guatemalan female, Victorina Morales is mad because after tricking the hotel into hiring her with her false work papers, then working for the hotel for a number of years, feels she has been abused.

This is the thanks Americans get for allowing these “people” in.

And somehow, Guatemalans and muds from all over the world risk life and limb to get into this country of abusers who give them jobs so they can feed all those gaping mouths they give birth to.

Maybe we should REALLY give them something to cry about!

Honestly, anyone who has worked in service jobs gets abused. It goes with the territory.  In this highly politicized environment though, it becomes a PR nightmare when a brown person is involved.  Something tells me someone with a hooked nose told her how much money she could make “coming out” like this.

The story pops up every few years. Meg Whitman from eBay was running for office a few years ago and the same thing happened. Maybe this is just a recycled story, who knows!

White Kid Arrested For Defending Himself at Mountain Vista High School


The narrator of this video says he’ll pay someone $200 to lay that kid out.

“What about the children?” they always say.

A White young man in Colorado was bullied by a black for wearing a Nazi uniform (not even that day.) Naturally the kid defended himself. What else was he supposed to do?

Now he’s been arrested. That sucks.

Important News About France-Police Ordered to Shoot People DIRECTLY With Tear Gas

The Praetorian guard of the Jewish controlled French government was ordered to fire cartridges of tear gas at people.

From CRS (presumably a police officer):

“This is the first time I have received such an order” a CRS. According to L’Express, the units of #CRS were ordered to fire [a tear gas canister] at man’s body last Saturday in #Paris. A prohibited practice, justified by the context.”

Anglin at the Daily Stormer believes police will have to back down and then there’s going to be even worse chaos in France with all the mud race invaders taking advantage of the situation. I guess France will have its race war.


Holding Up The Show

I knew a FedEx driver once. Those guys work really hard and really fast! It is not an easy job.

It must have really sucked for these New York FedEx workers when a huge swarm of Muslims attending a funeral blocked their path so they couldn’t do their job in a timely manner.

The driver accidentally hit one of the Muslims with his truck and when he did the right thing by getting out of his truck to see what had happened he got attacked!

Repeat after me.

Diversity is our greatest strength.

Diversity is our greatest strength.

Diversity is our greatest strength.

Read more here   and try to figure out the safest way to make a living without going to jail for being attacked.


Hit ’em Where It Hurts-In Their WALLETS

The French Yellow Vests are doing a lot of damage to the French economy.

Speaking after a meeting with industry groups and business federations affected by the protest movementLe Maire said sector revenues had been hit by between 15 and 50 percent.

While not providing a precise breakdown, Le Maire said small retailers had seen a fall in revenue of between 20 and 40 percent, the hotel industry was seeing reservations down 15 to 25 percent.

Restaurants, depending on their location, had seen takings collapse by between 20 and 50 percent.

Learn more here.