Sick of Street Poopers in Kansas

I guess this guy doesn’t like street poopers in his base.

But seriously, with Mexicans and other “hispanics” taking all the slave labor jobs and Indians and Asians getting the STEM jobs, why wouldn’t White people feel confused, frustrated and angry enough to start shooting?

On an somewhat related matter, in case you are new to this site, I always recommend self employment to White Nationalists. It’s hard to get a person fired for their viewpoints if they work for themselves. I know people can’t just quit their jobs but try getting a side gig going (everyone should have a side business for the tax benefits alone!) and maybe eventually you can turn it into a full time thing.

I also recommend you don’t use your real name when you post online or speak out about race. Some will disagree with me but we have to eat and keep a roof over head right? It’s not cowardly to survive and even thrive. Without money it’s difficult to stay healthy and wealthy enough to do any good. Stuff costs money. We have to have it and we have to protect our ability to obtain it.

I appreciate those that are on Team White that use their real names. I’d love to know how you manage to keep money coming in. I’m open to ideas.

Anyways, killing non-Whites is not something everyone will or even should do BUT I actually don’t know how it doesn’t happen more often.

Still you can work toward White Survival in other ways such as having White children and raising them to be racially aware, educated etc., getting involved in local politics, building profitable businesses etc.

What we DON’T have time for is drug (including pharmaceuticals) or alcohol abuse, smoking cigarettes,overeating and other death inducing habits.

Let’s get busy LIVING and taking our world back!

Antifa Destroyed On May Day In Austin, TX

I’ll Eat Your Pizza

Assorted Right Wingers Bully Anti-White/Antifa/Commies and take their Pizza

The following is a first hand account of events taken from

Yes. We bullied Antifa. We punched them in the face. We took their flags. And we ate their pizza.

First and foremost, I want to boast that I got to punch a commie. In the defense of one of my fellow Americans that was being attacked, I actually got to punch a commie. Granted, he was a weak, noodle-y looking thing, but I got a shot in before the cops stepped in the middle of it and prevented more. I also got a souvenir from one of them. I kept offering to give it back to them if one of them was brave enough to come and take it from me; sadly, the cowards didn’t take me up on it. As I advised readers not long ago, get yourself to a protest.

I was part of a…

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“The People Of Sunderland Have Had Enough!”

I LOVE when a community hits the streets together to fight injustice. Anyone remember Jud Suss?

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I thought I’d make just a quick post on a demonstration which took place in Sunderland in the North East of England last weekend.

The reason for the demonstration was that a local woman, Chelsey Wright, was drugged and gang raped by Muslim immigrants:

‘A brave mum from Sunderland has spoken out giving up her right to anonymity following alleged kidnap, gang rape, and brutal attack by six immigrants from Syria and Iraq. She simply does not want incidents like this to be pushed under the carpet.

Since we reported this The Six men arrested within this case have been released without charge. Due to this there are a number of details within the article we cannot reveal.

Following the event the people of Sunderland came together and supported Chelsey Wright following the attack in which she says she was spiked and then attacked by six…

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Trump and U.S. National Debt

Debt when Trump came into office:  $19,947 Billion-ish

Debt as of this blog post:  $19, 912 Billion-ish

That’s $35 Billion less in just a few short months.

Who said there’s no good news?



To give you some idea how awesome this is, Obama increased the National Debt by $200 Billion in his first 30 days in office.  How does one do that?


Marijuana and Jew


Think it’s cool to smoke marijuana?  Think it’s edgy?  Are you using some ache or pain as an excuse to smoke dope when an aspirin or a little grit would suffice?

Look, if you’ve got a serious problem like terminal cancer then smoke away but….

Are you familiar with the Opium wars?  Observant Jews bastards like David Sassoon made a fortune selling Opium to the Chinese.  It is said that at one time over 90% of all Chinese males under the age of 40 in certain regions were using Opium.  Opium use in China decimated the economy and caused untold heartache to the Chinese.

Jews and jew-wannabes love to make money on other people’s misery.  Nixon said of jews:

You know, it’s a funny thing. Every one of those bastards that are out for legalizing marijuana is Jewish. What the Christ is the matter with the Jews, Bob? What is the matter with them?

I can hear you saying to yourself, “Marijuana is harmless.  It is nothing like Opium”.  You are incorrect.  It is not harmless.  Marijuana users have a lower level of dopamine in their brain than non-users.  In case you didn’t know, dopamine is directly linked to motivation.  That’s the science, like it or not.   A lack of motivation is NOT good for a people who are being overrun by aliens.  A lack of motivation destroys us.

Marijuana smoking also affects fertility in both males and females and the QUALITY of  egg released if you are female.  In other words, long term marijuana use could make you unable to conceive a child OR you could end up with a child with chromosomal abnormalities.

Fun huh?  Does that sound like winning to you?

So don’t listen to these jews and other jerks telling you smoking pot is the thing to do.  It’s not.  Unless that is,  you like killing your ambition and your chance of having children and frankly our survival as a race.  This is slow suicide but suicide just the same.

PS.  I wonder what other drug “they” are going to sell us on telling us “it’s no big deal”?  Oh wait, it’s prescription opioids (pain pills mainly)  which killed 33,000 Americans most of them White, by overdose, in 2015.  NO BIG DEAL!

And do you think that pot smokers with their lowered dopamine levels (dopamine is the “happy hormone”) aren’t going to be more prone to addiction to their pain meds?  Think again.

PAY ATTENTION.  Our survival depends on it.

Don’t you dare muck up my comments with how much using dope has helped you.

Require Reading for Serious WNs


Here’s a post from one of the best blogs online.

My favorite two excerpts:

Adolf Hitler has said that Rome and the Roman Empire was probably the greatest political structure, political and military structure, we’ve ever created. And their attitude was, you go out and you DESTROY those who wish to destroy you. And you don’t mess around. You don’t give them one inch.

If you’re going to preach love, then preach love and patience and all those kinds of things: Preach it only for your people. We should only be tolerant of our own people.

and regarding all our folk who have been kicked off social media:

I urge whites to refine their tactics and to resume WHITE GUERRILLA TRUTH WARFARE on YOUTUBE AND ALL OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA.

I urge Whites to be CREATIVE, SNEAKY, and to go back in everywhere using GUERRILLA TACTICS. They work. They work well. Just be more subtle, more cunning and get back into the game. Do NOT abandon the social media. The social media is where we’ll find new converts – lots of them. So use EVERY METHOD and every TRICK you can think of.


Read the entire article here. You will be encouraged.

PS. A friend of mine works with young men and she just happened to see a 16 year old with 1488 on one of his items. It cheered me up so much to learn this! We are making headway!

I Love Switzerland

I saw this on a website called Quora. It is in answer to the question, “Why does Switzerland make it so hard to become a citizen?”

One of the Quora members responded, “A lot of good reasons…

What you have to keep in mind is the small size of Switzerland, 41,000 square kilometers, relative to its present 8-million population, citizens and foreign residents altogether (about 6 million and 2 million respectively).

After that, you have to take into account a certain defiance toward everything foreign.

Then a very important fact, or two actually:

citizenship is given “bottom up”, i.e. you don’t become a citizen of the Swiss confederation first, but of the place where you live. It is relatively easy to be made a citizen of a “big” city such as Zürich, Bern, Lausanne or Geneva, it’s much harder to become one of Frauenkappelen or Unterägeri. You have to prove your integration in theory, and in a small place you have to prove it in reality – all the more so that in smaller places, more often than not, it’s not an anonymous commission but a popular assembly who will decide on your fate.
Not that I approve of it, but some weeks ago, an otherwise perfectly integrated, working family saw their citizenship crushed because they were “too often in tracksuits, not in jeans like everyone else” and they “did not say hello to everyone” in the small village where they live (the fact they are Muslims did probably play a role too, but of course no one ever mentioned that in public…).
citizenship gives you a lot of symbolic power, it makes you part of the sovereign body of Switzerland, given the rules about initiatives and referendums.
That is why it is hard to become a Swiss citizen – and it can be felt in a village if you move, I can tell you! The place where I live, 10 km from where I was born, has made me feel a complete stranger… and I am a Swiss by passport from birth!”