Some Names for Easy Activism

Yesterday I described how we can put some financial pressure on the New York Times and the Washington Post because they have been screwing the corporations that have been advertising with them.  Ya see, they don’t have nearly as many readers as they pretend to.  They have been using Chinese bots to make it appear that they are a more popular site than they are.

I wanted to pass along a few names (hopefully correct) that we can try reaching out to.

Unless you are already doing a lot of activism already, PLEASE do this, even if you don’t like the Daily Stormer (who called attention to this) or if you think the corporations are getting what they deserve.  I GET IT but this is about taking down the lying press.  We are going to finish off these filthy jew rags-death by a thousand cuts!

I’m sorry that this info is going to be spread out over a few days because quite frankly I have to work a lot of hours to make a living and save a little bit for the future.

Okay, here are a few to get you started.  If we can’t get the name of the Marketing Officer, I guess it may also work to just get in touch with the CEO.  These people are pretty accessible on social media sometimes.  Or we can just tell anyone at all at the company that we think can get word to the appropriate person.

Paul Richards, Vice President of Marketing, Chevrolet

Tom Peyton, Vice President of National Marketing Operations

Capital One – Can’t find!  Can someone help?

Andy Vaughn – President and CEO of Alliant International University

Andrea Riley – Chief Marketing Officer, Ally Bank

If anyone has time today, could you try to get the names of the other VPs of Marketing (or the equivalent) that I mentioned in yesterday’s article?

Then perhaps we can get addresses, phone numbers, twitter handles etc.

Be a part of this!  Think what fun it will be to help take these jews down!  If each of us put in a half hour a day on this…in a few days, we’d do a lot of damage!



Easy Activism

Remember when we reported that mainstream media websites seem to be using Chinese bots to fake their visitor counts and scam their advertisers out of money, while pretending that they’re not failing?

Well, instead of coming out and apologizing for their fraud, or at least offering a plausible explanation for why they’re getting up to half of their traffic from China, it seems they’ve opted to just cover up their crimes.

Read more here—then come back to Aryan Street.

It appears that the Washington Post and the New York Times have been using Chinese bots to make it appear that their online readership is much larger than it actually is.

If you hate these rags as much as I do perhaps you could use your twitter or facebook account to let the companies that pay big bucks to advertise with them know about it.

You need a subscription to get onto the NYT site.  Anyone have a subscription?

A quick perusal of WaPo shows some big names.  Chevrolet.  Honda. Capital One. Alliant University. Ally Bank.  San Francisco Law School.  Wordpress. United States Mint.  Pantages Theater.  Discover.  You may find others since advertising is now personalized toward your interests.

I’m sure these companies are paying a FORTUNE to advertise with these almost defunct publications.  Maybe they should stop doing that or at the very least, get a lower price since bots don’t buy cars, go to college or attend theater. (as far as we know)

Let’s get word to them, either online or by phone or letter.  Questions?  Just ask and I will try to answer.



Thought provoking article from The International Reporter

by Katherine Frisk, 

color_revolution_1020043028In this ever-changing world with a kaleidoscope of disinformation, fake news, and cognitively dissonant “facts,” each and every one of us needs to step back from the circus.

Stand back from protests of all kinds engineered and organized by George Soros Open Society Foundations  –color revolutions and regime change– used to distract us from reality.

It is time to decide for ourselves what we believe in, what we stand for and what we are prepared to fight for.

The 21st century is not for sissies, and unless we equip ourselves with the best knowledge available, we will be swept along on a tide of deceit and into our own slavery through complacency and ostrich syndrome.

Our biggest challenge to my mind, is to understand how everything has two opposing philosophies that become so intertwined that we cannot discern the difference, and when we do…

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Fear Rises in Taco Bender Hearts and Minds as ICE Retakes Enemy Territory Held by Mexicans

Great coverage of new deportations! I pray this is just the beginning and that most of the scum will just LEAVE.


Officially, there’s 11 million Mexicans in America. Unofficially, it’s probably much higher than that.

So, there’s a lot of territory to be reclaimed from the enemy invaders. The few hundred detained over the last week is a pathetically small number. But the Mexicans are fighting to keep every one of them in the U.S., claiming that they have a right to be here because the whole continent is theirs.

The tears are already flowing like rain.

Los Angeles Times

Sweeping raids by U.S. immigration officials in recent days nabbed hundreds of individuals believed to be in the country illegally, spreading alarm among immigrant rights groups as they scrambled to gather information and warn people in communities nationwide.

Through social media and pop-up legal clinics, immigrant rights groups have doled out around-the-clock assistance, even as federal officials pushed back against the notion that the detentions reflected a vast overhaul of immigration…

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Upcoming Events: Bulgaria, Sweden & USA

3 articles for the price of one from Yes Pasaran! Check ’em out.

Sofia, Bulgaria: Lukov March, February 18th

Lukovmarch is an annual torchlight procession, organized by Bulgarian National Union in honorable memory of general Hristo Lukov. General Lukov was a WWI hero, minister of war in Tsardom of Bulgaria (1935 – 1938) and later, leader of the strongest nationalist organization at that time – Union of Bulgarian National Legions. He was cowardly murdered by communist terrorist group – shot in the back in front of his 9-year-old daughter on the 13th of February 1943.

Lukovmarch started in 2003 as a small local event with only 15 people. At that time, the memory of gen. Lukov was almost completely wiped out, after decades of communist efforts. Back then he was known only by few people, interested in history and by the few, very old members of his organization, who survived the communist concentration camps. The first Lukovmarch was organized after the story…

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Whites Fight Back-TRUE Race War South Africa


Recently, Whites near Pretoria South Africa got tired of blacks invading their privately owned land.

The government of South Africa actually passed a law where if blacks squat on your land for 48 hours you not only can’t get rid of them but you have to provide water and sanitation for them!

A lot of the blacks that are swarming into White areas are from Zimbabwe.  They have poured into SA in droves due to poverty and Whites are getting sick of it.  100-200 White men and women attacked around the same number of blacks with rocks, burning tires, pipes and so on.  2 White men were critically injured and 6 blacks were injured.

Check out the photos and a report.