Conversation With A Latina

I had occasion to concern troll a Mexican female in real life recently.  Concern trolling is when you pretend to care about someone’s plight but you’re really just messing with them and getting info from them. Thanks MW for encouraging me to gather intel on our enemies.  It’s awesome!

Here’s what I found out about this family.  This woman was brought to the United States illegally by her mother.  I asked why they came.  I asked, “were you very poor there?”  She said they weren’t poor.  They owned a home and their mother (not sure where the dads are in all this!) had a small but successful business.  She just wanted MORE for her children.  The woman I was speaking to has remonstrated with her mother many times over this, asking, “Why did you bring us here?”

And I thought the reason all these Mestizos came here was because there was so much suffering and poverty in Mexico.  Ha!

Although this woman wishes her mother had never brought her and her siblings here, she wants to stay now because everyone she knows is here.  She and her friends are very worried about being sent back to Mexico.  When asked, she said she knows people personally who have been sent back!  So it IS happening.  Mexicans are being deported.

This woman has 5 children, one of whom, a 24 year old, she says, is very lazy, preferring to smoke pot all day than to work.  The children span in age from 5 to 24.  I asked this woman in my caring way,  what she did to support 5 children and she said, she used to clean houses, she used to clean windows, she used to work in retail etc.  Interesting choice of words, “used to”.  Obviously she is not working now or she would have told me.  She and her 5 children are supported by YOU the taxpayer.  Isn’t that great?  I guess some Mexicans really DO have a better way of life in the United States.  You get to sit at home while other people pay the bills.  Cool! Oh and go to the gym.  That’s where I met her.  So poverty stricken she is, poor dear.

I can only hope that Trump makes good on his promises and gets rid of these leeches.  And if you are a liberal reading this, open your damn eyes.






Give Up The Fear….

I’m tired of being afraid. How about you?


…and start feeling the greed.

Most WNs alive today know a great deal about fear. Being afraid, walking in the shadows, speaking in whispered tones about revolution.

There is…another side.

When THE ENEMY is afraid. When he creeps, when he averts his eyes as you approach, him cowering.

I promise all readers that all living men – cops, soldiers, SEALs, convicts, judges, senators, censors – can die and feel fear.

It turns out that cops in particular are afraid of their family being targeted. Mommy!

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Invasion of the Culture Snatchers

Oh so that’s what this movie was about!

Aryan Skynet

Invasion poster

Last year, Shout! Factory rereleased Philip Kaufman’s 1978 Invasion of the Body Snatchers remake through its Scream Factory label. Included on the stacked Blu-ray are interview extras imported from the 2007 MGM DVD release plus two commentaries and new interviews with members of the cast and crew. Interestingly, what emerges from the array of supplements is a lack of solid consensus about the movie’s meaning and significance. The film’s star, Donald Sutherland, preferring to leave the matter vague, only remarks that Invasion of the Body Snatchers was “politically sensible”, while screenwriter W.D. Richter disagrees, insisting, “It wasn’t political […] It was just kind of a vote for, don’t become a conformist, don’t march with the herd.” Leading lady Brooke Adams, meanwhile, had the impression that the movie was somehow about “fascism”. “I thought that was what it was in Invasion of the Body Snatchers,” she says, adding that director…

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The Confederate Statues Symbolize Us and Our History

I’m not from the south. I have never then a person who concerned herself with the Confederacy.

The way I look at it, for better or worse nearly half the country wanted to secede from the United States and were not allowed to even though each state is supposed to be a separate  state or country. In case you didn’t know it state and country are virtually the same thing. That is why Israel is called the state of Israel.  It is telling that Germany was first divided into “states” only in modern times after its “reunification”.

Jewpedia says that a sovereign state is “a state with borders where people live, and where a government makes laws and talks to other sovereign states. The people have to follow the laws that the government makes.” Neither the “country” called the United States, nor any of it’s so-called states qualifies as a sovereign state (nor many countries/states in Europe!) but I digress…

Anyway, a judge in an 1869 court case declared that a state could only secede from the Union through revolution or the consent of the States.  Truer words were never spoken although we did not need those words to tell us that.

The South lost their revolution but they were proud of the stance they took (whether right or wrong) and their posterity were proud too and the statues were a tribute to their soldiers.  Most White people had no problem with it and even today, Charles Barclay, black basketball player admits that he never thinks about the statues and most black people don’t either he said!

It is the jews that are after these statues and they think they won’t get much fight from White America because most people relate the revolution to slave owning and they don’t want to be associated with it.

Like Trump said though, next they will go after statues of Lincoln, Washington, Jefferson etc.   The idea is to erase our history, so they (jews) can erase US.

If things don’t change A LOT, 20 years from now little children will learn in school that Martin Luther King was the founding father of the United States!  (although I doubt blacks will have black guilt for killing off “indians”)

There is a monument near me that one of the lizards is making noise about.  It’s in a cemetery.  The muds, led by their jew masters will have no qualms about tearing up the entire cemetery in order to take down the offending slab of granite.

What are we going to do about it?


The Daily Stormer Is Still Up

Yes I still follow the Daily Stormer.  I also like Stormfront.

Just because something isn’t perfect doesn’t mean it has no use. On the other hand I don’t read Breitbart unless a white nationalist site refers me to an article or something. I don’t read the Drudge Report regularly. I get all the news I need from sites that appear to be for us white people and written by white people. Breitbart, Drudge and so many other sites are run by Jews openly. That’s always suspect.

The fact that these two sites have been shut down while many others have been able to continue on makes it pretty clear to me that they are not run by Jews as controlled opposition. I could be wrong, I’ve been wrong before but I’m pretty sure I’m right about this.

Our adversaries consider the Daily Stormer and Stormfront dangerous enough to take down in spite of the backlash they (Google Etc.) are going to get. That’s good enough for me.

Do I need to read the news everyday? Probably not but I like to keep my hate alive. Sometimes I get caught up in work and I forget to hate. It’s very important that I don’t forget.

Here’s the link. I guess it is somehow connected to the dark web but I don’t have anything downloaded so the media is lying when they say you can only get to the Daily Stormer through the dark web.. Surprise surprise. The media lies.





Jews and Rape


The Jew is coming for us and they will show no mercy.  Read the words of the inhuman, Jewish propagandist, Ilya Ehrenberg to the Red Army.

Kill. Nothing in Germany is guiltless, neither the living nor the yet unborn. . . . Break the racial pride of the German women. Take her as your legitimate booty. Kill, you brave soldiers of the victorious Soviet Army.

Rape and kill they did.  The whole world it seemed had turned against Germany and no one cared; just as the Jews are trying to turn the whole world against White people in every developed country today.  This is our fate if we do not stop them.  We must never forget our brethren who were so brutally raped and killed and we must not let this happen again!

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Thank you James at WhitesWillWin for the meme/photo.

We Cannot Let Jews Replace Us


Now that the National Socialists of Kiev have fought to have Jews ruling them rather than Russian (Jews), THIS is what they get for “art” in their city.

The people complained but it mattered not.  The agenda to make Ukrainians (85.9% of the population as of 2001-last census) and their Russian guests (8.1% of the population as of 2001-last census) feel unwelcome and grossed out in their own city moves forward.  Kiev is somewhere over 90% White and there’s a huge nigger kid looking down on them.  He’s preparing them for their demise.

There’s only one solution to this sort of thing and it is the right thing.  To stand by idly while your family, relatives and race are pushed out of their lands, drugged,  discriminated against, lied to, humiliated and outright killed in the streets is wrong.