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We Can Have What We Want

I believe in the power of goal setting.  I have experienced this personally.

When you set a goal, you don’t always reach it quickly but if you refuse to give up, eventually you will likely get it.  Imagine what we could have again.

I had never seen this photo before until I ran across it tonight while googling something unrelated.  This was a Nazi headquarters in El Monte CA in the 1970s.  Many of you who read this blog were alive in the 70s.  It wasn’t that long ago, in the scheme of things.

We can have things like this again…or better, if we dare to dream about them and make them happen.

The worst thing we can do is give up.  If we don’t give up, success is pretty much inevitable.

Jews are actually dying.  They are breeding with non-jews, their newspapers and other “news” sources are losing credibility by the minute and cryptocurrency will replace central banks.

We will win.  Hang in there.



Write to Dylann Roof-Updated Address

I should have gotten this information out sooner.  It is as accurate info as I can find.  When Dylann received his death sentence they moved him to another prison.  Here’s the address, best I can tell.  I read somewhere that he likes books.  If you send him one, you have to send it directly from the publisher.  I think this means you could order a book from amazon and have it sent to him.  I hope some of you will remember him.  If you are religious, please pray for him.  You may not agree with his tactics but he was a very young man and it was the best he could do.

Honestly, if most White men in the world rose up together like Dylann did (hopefully with support of White women) our problems would be over very quickly.  I like to imagine it sometimes.

Hail Victory!

Dylann Storm Roof, #0001518680
C/O Sheriff Al Cannon Detention Center
3841 Leeds Avenue
North Charleston, S.C. 29405


If Their Lips are Moving…

They’re probably lying.

An 11 year old Muslim female claimed a man abducted her on a street in Canada and CUT that towel thing she had on her head (jijab or whatever)…12 inches.

The anti-White government of Canada and its accomplices in the press jumped on this story with apologies and disclaimers all around.

Turns out, the whole thing was an attention grabbing hoax by an 11 year old girl.  OR the White Genociders put her up to it.  Her family has apologized for their lying offspring hoaxing an entire nation but the damage has been done.  The whole deal is to make up or exaggerate “racism” stories to teach White people that this sort of thing…that rarely happens, will not be tolerated.  It’s a way to beat us down mentally.  No wonder so many White men commit suicide.  Fuck those gov/media pigs.

What percentage of “news” is truthful?  I think I’m being generous by saying perhaps 10%.  That’s why I rarely report on news on my blog.  Why piggy back on lies?…I’d just be lying to my readers.