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Meet me on Aryan Street The word Aryan is derived from the Sanskrit. ārya means noble.

13 Year Old Children in UK are becoming Nazis


Gee, you invite a bunch of mud people who hate them into their country, dumb down their school curriculum so they aren’t prepared for good jobs upon graduation, do nothing to prevent the most evil porn is at their fingertips on their cell phones and wonder why they are feeling a little dark about their futures.

These kids feel they have nothing to lose.

For the new generation of Nazis, Hitler isn’t enough,” he added. “The ideology is now harder, darker and more committed than ever before because they just don’t see a way out of race war.

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Marc With A C, Jon With No H


Scarlett Johansson with her Jewish Mother

Recognizing a jew is like putting a puzzle together.  You look at first names, last names, facial structure, height, behavior and so on.  And if the person doesn’t look jewish  but you suspect they are, you can also look at their family members.

If you like finding jews, like me,(some might say I’m obsessed, but I’m not)  I thought I’d mention that GENERALLY:

Whites use Mark as a name and jews use Marc.

Whites use John as a name and jews use Jon.

Some other common men’s first names used in the United States that might, BUT NOT ALWAYS belong to a jew are:




Ben or Benjamin

Dan or Daniel



Gabriel (Lots of Mexicans with this one)

Immanuel, Emmanuel



Moses (Lots of Mexicans with this one)



Raphael, Rafael (Lots of Mexicans with this one)




Isaiah (seems like a lot of Negroes like this name)

Isaac (seems like a lot of Negroes like this name)



Now don’t freak out.  I’m not saying every man with this first name is a jew.  Hardly.  Sadly, because of Christianity, many of these names have been adopted by White people.  And for the record, I don’t meet a person named Joe and wonder immediately if he was a jew.  That would be silly.  But if you insist on joining a WN group and some dude named David seems to be leading the group away from it’s purpose, you may want to take a second look at him.

For lesser known male jewish first names you can study this list

PS.  I would guess that the first name Scarlett is a thumbing of the nose of White tradition.  In the old days a scarlet woman was what one called a slutty woman.  And she is.  She’s a pig. 






Apparently a Negro Has Bought the NSM EX Convict James Hart Stern

Angel of Light James Hart Stern

A black “civil rights advocate” has become the legal president of the National Socialist Movement Group as of January 15th of this year.

I don’t know if this was a great loss as the NSM seemed (if accounts are to be believed) to be full of feds.

I would assume this take over has something to do with the infiltration by the feds.

The Negro, James Hart Stern (Last names sound Jewy huh?) has already dissolved a KKK Chapter in Mississippi.  THIS after serving 5 years in prison for wire fraud.  Cuz he’s such an upstanding citizen. LOL.

This is why I don’t join groups. It’s like putting a target on your back.  I expect to see a lot of the NSM members doxed after this.

I even worry about my blogging sometimes.  It would be a bummer to lose my job over such an insignificant blog.  (Insignificant only because I have a very small readership-I love every one of you though!)

Grampa Lampshade had a small audience and the FBI/Huffington Post/Antifa doxxed him.

Still, I’m going to carry on as long as I can.  I don’t like being censored.  We mustn’t be frightened into not communicating with each other.  AND you don’t have to join a group to meet like-minded people.  There are many of us, even if some need some additional information.  Just (carefully) seek them out in your community.


Jew Alain Finkielkraut Called a Dirty Zionist Sh!t By A Yellow Vest

Finkielkraut is an “academic” jew.  According to Wikipedia he is “stateless” Sounds like a rootless cosmopolitan to me.

Yellow Vests shouted at him that he is a Dirty Zionist Shit, Big Zionist Shit and also that France is ours!  We are the People!

Finkielkraut is a bad, bad jew.  He was a great defender of Roman Polanski.  He is a big Israel supporter.  Of Course.

I hope he can’t sleep for a while with worrying about some unhinged Nazi  Yellow Vest murdering him in his sleep.