Patriot Front’s Massive Flier Campaign (and a bit about Injuns)

download (9)

Patriot Front is doing a great job leaving fliers encouraging our European American brothers and sisters to Reclaim Their Birthright and to Reclaim America.

America is ours.  We tried to live here peacefully with the Asiatic “Natives” but they kept attacking us.  They coveted our horses and our women.  The Comanche tribes who ruled much of North America were especially known for horse thievery.  Their “way” with horses (brought to the New World by the Spanish) is how they dominated and subjugated the weaker tribes around them.

But a more technologically advanced group dominated the Comanches and other Asiatic “Natives”.  That would be us.  We won this land.

We mustn’t let it slip away from us.



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