What a Kookie Gook!

This gook shouted “White Power at a at a Black Lives Matter protest late last month. Now he’s been arrested for impersonating a police officer.  I guess it’s a thing with this guy.

I disavow this weirdo, Daniel Sohn.  We don’t need this sort of thing. If I were a more suspicious person I’d wonder if he was a plant of some sort inserted to make us look stupid.  

His name is a little suspect too. Sure Sohn is a Korean name but it is also an Ashkenazi name.  His first name, Daniel, is Jewish as well.

I’m aware I’m over the top with Find The Jew game. Hope you’ll humor me.

What do you guys think? Is this guy a plant, a cool dude or a nutcase?


6 thoughts on “What a Kookie Gook!

  1. Reba

    All of the above. My husband said in the military they would should black power and the white guys would shout, “White Control!”

  2. Ryu

    He’s got a real weird physiogamy. Like, part jew part gook. I bet plant.

    Find the jew works. Pierce and HAC were like that too.


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