Where Do We White Nationalists Go From Here?


As I watch our people’s continuing marginalization I feel sad and I know where all this going.  It might not be as bad as it will be in South Africa, but it might.

How do we keep from losing our minds as we stare into the abyss?

In my opinion we need to take a long view.  And I hope each of us will develop strategies for making our collective future as safe and bearable as possible.  Here are some of the strategies one could pursue.

  1.  Build ourselves on an individual level-be as physically, financially and mentally strong as possible.  Learn new skills.  It may not be easy.  There WILL be some discomfort along the way.  This strategy has the dual effect of making us better and more useful as the years go by and also keeping us from thinking too much, which can lead to despair

2.    Build strong families-You can’t know this until you do it but having a family gives you SO much purpose.  YES, it’s very difficult at times but your life will be richer for it.  And do a good job raising your kids.  Be present.  Don’t let fake news and crap entertainment vampire your time or theirs!  Enjoy your kids and let them know you.  Sadly many moms and dads hide behind a newspaper or on the internet when they get home from work rather than engage.  My father was like this sometimes and I never felt like I got to know him.  I did this sometimes with my kids too.  Television and other jew entertainment can destroy our ability to hold a conversation or just be quiet together.  Be part of the screen free community.

3.  Get used to a little deprivation and enjoy the little things.  Don’t buy things for yourself or your family just because you have the cash.  A lot of the things we buy end up gathering dust in our garages!  Purchase things that will allow the family to play together and then PLAY.  I didn’t grow up with the internet and 5000 tv channels.  My brothers and I played outside a lot.  We played sports, climbed trees, played with the dogs, walked in the woods and enjoyed nature and when I got tire of outside activities I’d read the many good books my parents and other relatives had on their shelves.  I was reading classic literature (the adult versions) without knowing it starting at the age of 9 because I was bored and mom wouldn’t let us sit in front of the boob tube as she called it. (she didn’t want her kids to turn into silly boobs, look it up)  The simple things are cheap.  Classic books are cheap as are balls and bats.  I should add, my father and even my mom would come outside sometimes and play sports with us.  Good times!

4.  Survivalism-much has been written on this topic.  If you’re really serious about it you could join a mormon church for a while because they are experts at it.  It’s good to have extra water, food, bullets and a generator on hand for emergencies.  I personally think zombie apocalypse scenarios are a little overdone (I could be wrong) but earthquakes, tornadoes etc. are real so prepare as much as is reasonable in your circumstances.

5.  Going along with survivalism, if you have the means, invest in things that can be exchanged for cash or other goods in the future if necessary.  Fine art perhaps or valuable jewelry.  Things that have real value.  I don’t think it’s a good idea to have all our saving in dollars.  Diversify.  I DO think bitcoin is a good LONG term investment.  Every day banks and other institutions are investing in blockchain technology.  It’s the future.  Silver and gold also seem to be good places to park your assets.  Real Estate as well.  I’m not a financial adviser though so talk to yours before making a decision.  Move slowly and carefully.  Get LOTS of advice from wise older men who have a good track record.  NO rash decisions.

6.  Keep spreading the word about White Genocide and help our brothers and sisters not to sink into the brown sludge of degeneracy (drug use, laziness, racemixing etc).  Teach people how to keep themselves and their families separate.  Jews have managed to do it it a limited way.  We can learn much from them.  We need secret (in our case) schools, clubs etc. where our way of life can be preserved.  If we do these things in our own neighborhoods or cities, we won’t have to announce them on the internet and get shut down.  We don’t even have to be overtly WN to do this.  We don’t always even have to start new clubs.  There are lots of implicitly White clubs already.  Irish societies and things like that.  SWPL clubs like astronomy club, birdwatching groups, whatever.  YES there will be the occasional (well behaved) non-White involved.  Don’t let them keep you from enjoying wholesome activities with other White people.  Nothing’s going to be perfect.  Make the best of things. We’re good at that having lived through ice ages and 6 million wars.

I’m sure I’m forgetting some strategies and I’m out of time, so please comment below with your thoughts.  Love you guys!




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