Has Liam Neeson Ended His Career With His Racist Revenge Story?

Liam Neeson decided to confess today that years ago someone important to him was raped by a negro.  He claims he walked the streets for a week hoping some random black guy would start s*** with him so he could kill him.

I don’t know what would possess Liam Neeson to make this confession. Was he trying to drum up excitement for his new movie that is coming out that has a revenge theme?

Does he think he is so well-loved that he can confess to racist feelings without getting his ass handed to him?

Think again!

A growing number of social media users are saying the Taken actor is “cancelled” after comments made in an interview with The Independent promoting his newest movie — Cold Pursuit, a revenge action-drama — where Neeson recalled wanting revenge after a female loved one alleged she was raped.

Read more here.



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