“Antifa” Anti-White Killed by Police!

Crush the patriarchy t-shirt quote lettering.He was wearing a “smash the patriarchy” shirt at the time of the shooting and it took place at his daughter’s school!

He was a real scumbag and I’m sure you’ll want to read the whole story.  It’s insane.

Edit: I often look up the names of these subversives. Here’s some of what I found from an ancestry.com board:

Classification: Query
I got a clue about the landeros name. A lady I met in austin this week told me to look for the names landa, and lander. She sugested that my ancestors might have been some of the hidden jews. Also, I aways referred to my grandparents as pa grande and ma grande. This form of addressing them is uncommon around here (Texas). I learned sometime ago that this form of addressing grandparents originated in the area of Guanajuato. I don’t know know of any relatives in Mexico. My great grandfather was living in Brownsville in 1860.

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