Evolutionary Competitors

A few years ago someone, I believe it was HipsterRacist suggested that instead of thinking of jews or other races as evil that we think of them as evolutionary competitors.

For someone like myself who is not Christian anymore, this is a helpful framework.  Each act, philosophy or situation can be assessed as to whether it is good for White people or not.  It’s very simple.  I don’t even have to be angry at kikels and muds if I don’t choose to be.  I can look at the ongoing White Genocide plan quite coldly if I want.  It is only other species wanting or needing more resources.

Seems to me this is a healthy thing for a species to do.

A cold logical outlook seems more effective than being reactionary.  Reactionism appears to over-produce all sorts of chemicals in our bodies such as serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine causing imbalances.  It also elevates your cortisol level.  This can cause short and long term illnesses, overweight and even memory loss.

What good are we to each other if we are sick?

This is the main reason I’m on an information diet.  I have been stressing myself out for too many years about White Genocide and it doesn’t help that our group doesn’t even know there’s a competition for survival going on.   This has taken a toll on my physical health.  I want to be alive and well for you all and for my grandkids. We are only as strong as our weakest link and all that.

I also want to be alive long enough to see our enemies (oops, I mean evolutionary competitors) hanging from lampposts.




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