Wheeler Walker Jr.’s Influence Needs To Be Neutralized

Look at this kinky haired kike.  If his looks weren’t enough to make you want to fire up the ovens, you should hear the lyrics of his songs.

I won’t post them here but I’ll give you the gist.  He’s a “country singer” by the way.

But first, hear what he said about Covington High School Students.  “I know I have fans in Paris Hills, Ky. If you know this little s–, punch him in the nuts and send me the video of it and I’ll send you all my albums on vinyl, autographed.”

But back to his “songs”.  In one song he tells a girl who is breaking up with him that it’s ok,  he wants to have sex with her whole family.  Father, mother, sister, grandmother etc.  And he speaks of performing the most lurid sex acts with them.

In another song he sings about kicking his own grandfather where it hurts, performing a sex act on his boss, shooting his neighbor’s cat and he calls these and other heinous sexual acts, “Redneck Shit”.

This pervert anti-White deserves to be broke and homeless.  Apparently he’s already deleted his Twitter and Instagram.  Lets’ finish him off by driving him off Youtube.  Let people know this pervert is a jew.  This is a teachable moment.

Find his videos here.



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