Injuns Plan Protest Outside Catholic High School In Kentucky

I’m sure you’ve all seen the story by now about the white boy who had the nerve to smileat an “American Indian” after he and his friends were called names by negroes who think they are kangs and israelites.  The media had to backtrack on the story because the kid actually did nothing wrong.  What a circus!

Now the Injuns are planning a protest outside the kid’s school!  It’s to take place tomorrow Jan 22 at 10 am.  This why receiving threats of violence from the public.

These are Al Sharptons of the Indian Tribes, I guess.  Always the victims.  Our men fought and died so they could live in a free country, allowed them to KEEP land won by superior White Man technology and now they want to school our children on proper behavior!  We should have slaughtered them all.


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