Graffiti Guys

images (8)ec1c4e11-deca-4788-bb2d-a7f71f7be9d9-large16x9_BLURPICJoshua Shaffer and Seth Taylor wrote bad words on their high school (walls I guess?) and now they being punished for a “hate crime”.  There are two other guys that were with them as well. I’m not sure what’s going to happen to them.

Baltimore is very black. The principal at this High School is black. Imagine being a young, proud, white Aryan man having a nigger telling you what to do?  I can’t imagine.

Still, it’s not worth having a hate crime on your record to put some graffiti on the wall. So people need to get better at getting away with these things or they need to find other ways to blow off steam.

Rob at Mind Weapons in Ragnarok suggests white boys band together to do things together like minorities do.

We need each other.



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