Don’t Fall For Divide and Conquer Tactics

divide-and-conquerJews are very clever. It appears their average IQ is actually higher than ours. And they are devious on top of it.  Lying and stirring up trouble is their bread and butter.

We need to take a step back now and then when reading or viewing any kind of media and ask ourselves, who produced this book/video/comment and for what purpose?

I am very wary of anyone, whether they are an ALT right personality, or some kind of white nationalist or separatist that turns white people against each other. It happens a lot on racialist internet sites.

Here are some examples I see frequently:

Young people against baby boomers

Older people against millennials

Men against women

Intellectuals against working class people

One European ethnic group against another

There are Jews that create these arguments online. There are bots that create these online.

Don’t get caught up in this!

Like I said, it is meant to divide us so we forget who the real enemy is. It’s also very whiny. I am SO sick of people whining.  It’s WEAK.

Enough whining

Enough reading

If you aren’t breeding, or doing something else useful for your race, please don’t even read this blog. I don’t want to contribute to your lethargy.

Reading has its place but it isn’t the same as doing even if it feels like it is.

The world won’t come to an end if you don’t keep up with “the news”. Most of it is bs anyway.

Some of the white nationalist sites (trust me, I don’t frequent them) are positively feminine with their gossip. It’s pathetic. If you are a guy and you want to hold on to your testosterone and your IQ points I suggest not reading that crap.

Also, please please please stop watching television and movies. You are asking to be brainwashed. We probably don’t even know the half of what these kikes are doing to our minds. We are addicted to entertainment.  It’s ridiculous.

Read things that help you improve yourself. Then work your ass off.

Happy New year ya big lugs (ladies too!)  Stay White.




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