It’s All Good Goyim

It’s “all good for (((Douglas Barr))), former CEO of the Goodwill of Southern California, who received total reportable compensation worth $1,188,733 in one year.

Goodwill gets free inventory and employs cheap labor made up mostly of retards and former drug addicts. Pretty much all Goodwill has to do is pay rent and keep the lights on.  Almost pure profit.

This phrase “It’s all good” really bugs me.  The idea is, you don’t need to ask questions goyim. “We got this”.  We’re changing the people, the planet and the community and we don’t have to explain in what way it is good.

It’s really funny because in my town all the homeless drug addicts hang around the Goodwill, their presence testifying that the change is not so good. All the community is NOT thriving.

I know a lot of people like to blame drug addicts for their problems. Yes indeed, we all have a personal responsibility to take care of ourselves. Still without all these parasites, perhaps charity would go to something useful to our people instead of into the pockets of CEOs, to Mexican retards like the one pictured above and “the planet”.

People who know they have a bright future ahead of them don’t do drugs. Why would they? They would want to be at their best to tackle their day-to-day life and advance.

OUR surplus cash should go to things like a wall which would keep out a lot of drugs, law-enforcement Duterte style, REAL education that teaches kids how to balance a checkbook, go on a job interview, start a business and other real-life skills, cash incentives for having white babies and so on. How can we make this happen?



2 thoughts on “It’s All Good Goyim

  1. Reba

    Ever noticed how there are goodwill stores in every small town and often in a brand new building? Where do they get the funding for new buildings all over the country? I noticed this 10 years ago. Co-workers have had donations rejected because they won’t take used furniture unless it’s in perfect condition. They break donations by throwing them into the bins. I give good stuff away to people I know, only trash goes to goodwill, they are a sham, a scam a fake. I know wealthy folks that shop their and leave the goodwill tags on-virtue signaling?

    1. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street Post author

      Hi Reba, Very interesting question. I let my finger do the walking by googling, “is Goodwill subsidized by the Federal Government” and found out that yes they do? They got $77.5 million in 2016 from public and private grants! Whaaaaaat? WHY? CRAZY!

      I too have seen them tossing electronic stuff that didn’t sell into bins HARD so many of them would break! They could give that stuff to someone in need but they won’t. They suck.


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