Breeding Before Reading

2prmwdI know it’s risky to start a family these days.  There were many times it was risky though.  During ice ages.  During wars.  During droughts and famines. During the depression.

I know there are a lot of confused young men and women out there to choose from when in comes to mating.  That’s partially  because fathers and mothers have failed to raise them right. Still, in the future, I think you’ll be glad for having kids with a slightly brainwashed person, even if the situation isn’t perfect.

I’m old and my friends are old.  I’ve found there’s a satisfaction in having children.  I watch as those that chose not to have a family struggle to stay sane and find meaning in their life as they age and wonder who will look out for them in their dotage (old age).

Recently I’ve even seen some situations go full circle.  A 30 something  man I know was separated from his son for a time because the mother was an “independent woman”.  Now his son is back in his life and it’s so amazing for both of them!

If you’re a man and worried about the mother ruining the child, there’s a lot of recent scientific evidence that has come out that genes are a lot more important than environment when raising a child.  So with that knowledge, why NOT give your genes to creating a White child or two.  You contribute financially so the child makes it to adulthood and perhaps you’ll have  a relationship with them in their teen or adult years. Yes, I know sometimes the mother tries to poison the child against his/her father but when kids get older, they question those things, especially if they are a boy. I think there’s a good chance you could have a relationship with your child as they get older.

I hope you’ll consider have White children.  Our racial enemies such as Mexicans don’t even think twice about it (although they must use birth control of some sort at some point because I never see families with 12 kids).  Even if the relationship with the mother goes south you’ll  have the satisfaction of having a child and with less burden actually.  Yes, there will be a financial burden but it’s actually cheaper than if you lived with the mother.

That said, if you are a man,  try to get a woman who is nurturing at least, to be the mother of your child(ren). MOST women have a nurturing instinct and will take adequate care of their own child as long as they (the women) aren’t substance abusers.  Obviously you also want to choose someone healthy and attractive.  They don’t need to be a super model either.  Not everyone can get that type to have a baby with them.

Getting back to the title of this post, at this point breeding is probably the most effective thing we can do right now to fight White genocide.  Even if we’re  “poor” and our children aren’t fed from silver spoons, it’s okay. Its not a crime and even the poor in Western countries live pretty well.  The rich kids often end up strung out on drugs these days anyway.  The important thing at this point is simply to survive.  How important is the survival of your genetic line to you? How important is it that the White race survive the attempts to genocide us?  It’s the most important thing there is.

If you can think of anything more important, let me know.

Thanks Ryu for your thoughts on breeding over reading.


6 thoughts on “Breeding Before Reading

  1. Ryu

    Why thank you.

    But the purpose of that jazzy phrase “breeding over reading” is that breeding is more important to the white race than money, STEM or anything else.

    It is from the book “Adjustment Day” which is a white supremacist book. Adjustment Day, you see, is the day that a few thousand white men take revenge on their enemies. Then, everyone else is their servant. A 100 year moratorium on STEM is announced as the white race starts breeding again.

    For me, it means meeting women and PU are more important than reading or STEM. I used to be a hardcore believer in science, that it would save the world. Sadly I spent my best years locked in a room studying math and engineering, with no payoff.

    I will be having kids, but not in the “land of the free.” Ukraine or Russia for me. I hope to be gone in the next year.

    1. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street Post author

      I’ll check out the wiki page. The reason I wrote the post the way I did is I felt before I could even recommend breeding, I had to make a good case for having children at all.

      But perhaps I understood wrongly. I breeding, did you mean only having sex but not actually bringing children into the world?

      Anyway, I would love to hear more about how one prepares to move to the countries you mentioned.

    2. yespasaran

      I recommend Ukraine over Russia. Racial nationalists are in a much better position there. Russia is a multi-racial empire that is rapidly filling itself with non whites from Central/East Asia. They also kill & imprison nationalists if they become too much trouble. Ukraine has no such problems, as nationalists are part of the government and military.


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