Don’t Send Your DNA Anywhere

DNA-borders-1Especially if you’re pretty sure you’re not of mixed ancestry!

I don’t care if someone gave you a free test kit for Christmas or not.

Databases are being created.  Just as information we’ve shared on social media is sold to the highest bidder, so will our DNA be.  Our DNA is precious.  It belongs to our people not some (((faceless fuckwads))).  We don’t know what our DNA might be used for in the future without our permission.

Look at what is already possible.

If you were ever in the military, chances are your DNA was collected and added to the military industrial complex’s database without your realizing it. . Once you complete your full service obligation, you can request destruction of your DNA record. The required form and instructions are available from:

Armed Forces Repository of Specimen Samples for the Identification of Remains
16050 Industrial Drive, Suite 100
Gaithersburg, MD 20877


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