British Nazis Threatened To Shoot Prince Harry For Marrying a Monkey

5c0919d4fc7e93283e8b45e3Disclaimer:  I obtained this information from a mainstream media article.  As we know, the mainstream media lies a lot so I cannot attest to the veracity of this story.

A “neo-Nazi” group named the Sonnenkrieg Division (an offshoot of the US-based Atomwaffen Division) and perhaps other individuals were investigated and arrests were made for propaganda threatening Prince Harry.

I’m assuming the propaganda was on social media but I’m actually not sure. The article which I will link is very short on details in this regard.

One propaganda image shows a picture of Harry with a pistol pointed at his head and the words ‘see ya later race traitor’.

Other swastika-branded images show praise for mass murderer Anders Breivik and an affection for the noose.

It’s really too bad people do this sort of thing on social media. Don’t they know by now it’s a bad idea?

The article.




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