When Smart People Seem Dumb

I know some of you don’t like the Daily Stormer.  Still I hope you’ll read this article that does a very good job explaining why our people are still so duped by Jews.

A lot of WN types get frustrated when White people don’t “get it”.  They turn on them and even want to kill them sometimes!

That’s a very foolish approach.  We get frustrated because we’re LOSING right now.  So we turn on each other.  Very lame!

Most of our people are sheep, ie. followers.  If and when we start winning they will come over to our side.  We aren’t strong enough or smart enough to attract them right now.  Fact.

So if you consider yourself a wise elder type don’t give up.  Figure out how to get stronger, smarter and better rather than spending time denegrating the flock.

And learn what makes them tick in this Daily Stormer article.


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