Burner Phone, Burner Chromebook

I’m starting to think if you’re a White Nationalist or Alt-Right type and you don’t have an online presence/footprint yet it might be best if you didn’t get one. By online footprint I mean where you have made posts giving your opinion that might get you in trouble later.

Our enemies control a lot of things.They control the press, law enforcement and so on.  If someone decides they don’t like you or if it’s just a slow news day they can put you in jail or make you a Google felon under the slightest premise.  Do you own two or three firearms? Do you have any books at home espousing pro white beliefs?  Have you said “bad things” online?  You might get railroaded. Even if they can’t convict you, they can steal months of your life through imprisonment, your employment, the respect of your family Etc. Having a boring online presence will make it harder for them to railroad you. As we have seen, law enforcement does check on these things and they aren’t thrown off by you simply using a pseudonym or handle.

You might say, but we need to get the word out to the normies!  I would answer, there are plenty of people writing online and some of them are very good at it. There’s no need for everyone to do it. There are other things to do such as build your career, have a family Etc.

That said, if you still want to write and or comment online, you can make it harder for your enemies to find out your identity by taking these steps.

1.  Use a burner phone. A burner phone is a throwaway phone. Don’t spend too much on it. Use it with a new pseudonym only for your dissident comments and writing. Don’t use the burner phone to access your regular email, bank account, anything that would identify you.  Everything is brand new on this phone. You open a new email account, then you use your email account to open brand new Twitter, Facebook etc. accounts with a pseudonym you have never used before. Also, use a fake date of birth. Use the samesone for all your new accounts and make it something easy to remember in case you need it again.  The idea is, you are a totally different person with this phone.

2.  You can do the same thing with a cheap Chromebook. A Chromebook looks like a laptop but it is a tablet. With most of them you can’t store anything on the hard drive. Everything is stored in Google. Mainly Google drive and Google photos. Do not use your old regular Google / Gmail account with your burner phone or burner Chromebook. Get a new one with the new burner phonenumber. Again, it is like you are a new person.

3. Do NOT use your new burner devices (phone orh chromebook at home or in any other place where you use your regular devices.  You are a “different person” when you use these devices remember? if you are sloppy about this or any of the other steps you will be traced back to your IP address. Tracing people back to their IP address is not a perfect science but it gives “.investigators” a lot to go on.

I wouldn’t even browse the net on the new burner phone or Chromebook. Stick to your business.  It appears the rats can tell a lot about us from our browsing habits.

If the worst happens and you think you might get into some legal trouble, you can destroy or have these devices destroyed.  One trusted friend or family member should have access to them in the event that you have been imprisoned and can’t get to them.

Full disclosure, I only practice a few of these things because I’ve been online shitposting for a long time. When I started out, many of us were even using our real names.  I feel as though I am a known entity already.  Not that I am overestimating my own importance or anything.  I’m an old lady writing a small blog. I’m sure I’m not considered a threat of any kind. I wish it were different but that’s the way it is.

I wrote this for those of you who aren’t really known yet. It’s okay to be a secret Nazi. You can be one of our sleeper cells to be activated when the time is right.  I really hate to see our young men (or women) have your lives turned upside down because of some stuff you wrote online. It’s really not necessary.  Again though, if you really feel like you need to have a voice online, use these steps to make it harder for your enemies to go after you and ruin your life.

The article linked below goes into more detail about using a Chromebook privately.  You’re welcome Chromebook for the free advertising LOL.



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