Jimmy Marr Attacked By Antifa!


65 Year old Jimmy Marr, longtime White Nationalist Activist, was attacked by a least 4 Antifa faggots and hospitalized.

Jimmy Marr is the real deal.  He’s very open about his belief that Whites should not be genocided.  swastika-truckpng-2d4a9b15b47bb1de

If you can, please donate to his GoFundMe page while it’s still up.




10 thoughts on “Jimmy Marr Attacked By Antifa!


    Hello, dear friends by blood and thought, I cannot be indifferent to such heroes who are not afraid to tell the truth in the face, now, I am a refugee in the refugee’s léger, in Zurich, I also suffer for my political convictions, in total, I I have already lived among colored garbage, 9 months, in three refugee camps, in Germany and in Switzerland, so I understand perfectly well what they are capable of, and what they have in their heads, they all rotted inside. Therefore, the immigration authorities want to send me home, but at home I have absolutely nothing to do, maybe you can advise me something. How can I stay here?

    1. yespasaran

      Man, I’m not sure what to tell you here. If they are trying to deport you, maybe see if you can go somewhere else? I know Sweden has taken in some Slavic refugees, and they don’t have camps like Germany or Switzerland does. If you are intent on making a home in Switzerland, good luck! It is very difficult to do that.


        Thank you very much for the answer, the Swiss authorities, now many refugees send home as well as people from Slavonic countries, my age is 61 years old, maybe that’s why they ask me to fly home, I realized long ago that almost everywhere, European authorities give preference, uninvited color fugitives, if that, then I will come again to Germany, and again ask for political asylum.
        Maybe you know in the USA they take refugees from Ukraine?

    2. yespasaran

      You could always try to come to the United States & claim asylum. It’s kind of a long process, but you would most likely get to stay while they process your asylum claim. You could also try Canada. It might be easier to stay there, and they have a larger Ukrainian community as well.


        USA, this is my main dream, especially since I already lived in the States from 01 to 07. I lived in New York, Brighton Beach and Manhattan Beach. I was in Washington and Philadelphia many times, participated in 12 Marathons, 3 Boston, 3 New York, 3 Huntsville, Alabama, 1 Birmingham, Alabama, 1 Philadelphia , in November 24, 2002, where I showed the best time in the USA, and the first Marathon, May 12 Wisconsin, in Eagle River City, Joyner Marathon.
        I will continue to run to be invited to the next Marathon, in 2000, they opened a visa for me, just because I was already a marathon runner, they gave me a visa, as an exception to the rules.
        Can you tell me how to make me have a personal invitation to any spring Marathon.

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