Dylann Roof Fan Gets Arrested

Dakota Reed.png


So what was the crime exactly? Bad words? Having weapons? The article doesn’t say if  Dakota Reed owned the weapons found at his residence legally or not.

If I were a “terrorist” though (Obviously I’m not) I wouldn’t go around shooting off my mouth about it.  Silly kids.

Now if you were a member of ISIS or Antifa no problem.  But you belong to the New American Underclass. White men who are not okay with being swept aside, ground out, and watching your people be genocided.  Sorry!

If this story is even true. Who knows!  I mean, look at the photo! Why do they have his eyes covered? He’s not underage.  Weird!


4 thoughts on “Dylann Roof Fan Gets Arrested

  1. Ryu

    The crime is being a proud white man and talking too loudly about it.

    It isn’t on the books officially, but every WN should “know” that it is there. Don’t worry, they find something to pin on him.

  2. yespasaran

    Than you for bringing this to attention; I’m sure not many have heard of this man. If there is a lesson to be learned here it’s that “loose lips sink ships”. Don’t talk about illegal stuff, ever; don’t post anything at all online under your real name; don’t say anything at all to anyone that can even be construed as a threat. Unfortunately, this young man who literally didn’t do anything joins our list of POWs.


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