Loneliness And The White Nationalist


Our enemies often gloat and insult us by saying WNs are lonely, loser basement dwellers and that we only become White Nationalist in our thinking because we want to belong to something.

I say what could be better than connecting and belonging to our racial kin? And what could be better than organizing or at at the very least talking about obtaining a better future for ourselves?  Other than loving and nurturing our close relatives, I can think of nothing more noble and natural. And it’s a wonderful way for folks to feel less lonely, more connected.

There’s no shame in feeling lonely.  Just as our stomachs growl because we’re hungry, loneliness signals that we need to connect.  Loneliness is part of the human condition.  It’s always been that way. The ancient sages wrote about it.  It may be more prevalent in our society now because of (((cultural marxist))) ideas tearing our families apart.  The Jew rub their hands together to stay warm but we need more than that.

So we seek connection.

It doesn’t mean the connections we make will be perfect.  We all seek to be known and understood but no one can fully understand another person. We are born and die alone.   The good news is we certainly can reach various levels of connection with a few people.

Trust is important. It’s impossible to connect without trust. When you first meet people, it’s important not to jump right in to an intimate relationship though, giving the new person the keys to your heart and telling them your deep, dark secrets.  If you do, the person might hurt you due to their own immaturity or you may just get scared and sabotage the whole thing because you’ve given too much and fear being hurt. If you do this a few times,you may come away with the feeling that no one is trustworthy. That’s not true. It does take time to find good people though, in my experience.

It’s totally worth it. Sometimes the persin is in your life for a few weeks and sometimes for many years but all of the connections are valuable and fill up our emotional-connection bank account.  I try to keep my bank account full in case I go through a dry spell.

Speaking of dry spells, alot of my WN friends moved out of state in the last couple of years.  I try to stay in touch because I value those people and our history of good, meaningful times together.  Our connection.  A phone call is almost as good as a real life visit and keeps the feeling of connection going, at least for me.

I hope this will help someone who is feeling lonely (as I have and probably will in the future) and please feel free to ask questions if you have any. I’m no expert having only just begun to even admit to feeling lonely at times but maybe we can find solutions together.



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