They Come To Be Abused

Apparently, one of Trump’s hotels unknowingly hired illegals to work in them.

This Guatemalan female, Victorina Morales is mad because after tricking the hotel into hiring her with her false work papers, then working for the hotel for a number of years, feels she has been abused.

This is the thanks Americans get for allowing these “people” in.

And somehow, Guatemalans and muds from all over the world risk life and limb to get into this country of abusers who give them jobs so they can feed all those gaping mouths they give birth to.

Maybe we should REALLY give them something to cry about!

Honestly, anyone who has worked in service jobs gets abused. It goes with the territory.  In this highly politicized environment though, it becomes a PR nightmare when a brown person is involved.  Something tells me someone with a hooked nose told her how much money she could make “coming out” like this.

The story pops up every few years. Meg Whitman from eBay was running for office a few years ago and the same thing happened. Maybe this is just a recycled story, who knows!


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