We’re Everywhere

Apparently, Mitchell Todd of Huntington Beach, California was investigated because he allegedly made threats to a man he was doing business with.

I guess that’s all it takes to get your house tossed these days.  I miss the days men could just settle their disputes with their fists rather than call the pigs.  The men in blue work for the jew.

If the media is to be believed 50 plus firearms as well as “Nazi” and Confederate memorabilia was found in Mr. Todd’s  home.  Big deal.

It’s just interesting and a little encouraging to know that there are so many people that think like us around.

And hey, if you’re prone to shooting your mouth off, you may not want to keep “evil” things like forbidden books, flags and guns in your home.  Either that or make sure the authorities don’t know where you live.  Check out J.J. Luna’s books about how to be invisible.



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