Amazon Asked police in Spain to intervene in Strike

I’d like to see a DNA report on Bezos. He sure acts like a Jew.

It appears Amazon asked local police in Spain to force people back to work in the Amazon warehouse. Someone from Spanish union CCOO, which helped coordinate the strikes, told Business Insider that Amazon “wanted to send the police inside the warehouse to push people to work.”

What chutzpah!

Spain said no.  It’s really scary though that Amazon thought they could get away with something like this. Things are getting more Orwellian everyday. I don’t know if anyone could have predicted that major corporations would be the ones enslaving us. But when you realize that the U.S government is a huge stockholder in a lot of major companies, it all starts to make sense.

Don’t worry though, the robots will be here soon to do all the work.  I hope everyone is educating themselves so they won’t be left behind by this development in 5 to 10 years. If you do a job that any Mexican can do, you will probably get left behind unless you get into a field that takes brain power. We can’t be lazy about these things. We’ve been warned. Get some training.



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