We Are Not Robots

I really resonate with the theme of the European protests going on in the UK, Spain, France and Italy against Amazon.  “We Are Not Robots”.

I often felt like I was expected to be a robot when I worked for others.  They only gave us breaks because the laws forced them to.

Look, I love to work.  I just need to do human stuff throughout the day like pee, eat, talk about nothing for a few minutes and even nap.  I get as much or more done as anyone else.  It works better for me and I’m more productive when I do it on my own schedule.

The main issue at the Amazon warehouses seems to be safety.  Lots of accidents.  Not cool.

Personally I only order off Amazon if I can’t find the thingy USED on eBay (maybe twice a year). There’s something weird about super cheap stuff shipped to your door practically free.  There’s no such thing as a free lunch. Someone has to pay.

The saddest thing is in a few years, if the Jews are not lying to us, robots WILL be the Amazon workers.  The big question is, if no one has jobs who will Amazon sell their cheap crap to?





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