We’ve All Made Mistakes

White people are very hard on themselves.  I guess that’s why “Judeo Christianity” has had such a long run.  So so so many rules to follow.  Some of the rules even contradict each other so any thoughtful sincere person that wants to follow this religion is constantly questioning themselves and their actions.  Been there.

Then you’ve got the new religion of political correctness that even our supposed party of “republicans” follows.  You have to be nice to everyone, even if they hate you and want to take everything you have, including your own children.

It’s perplexing.

So go easy on yourself if you’ve been doing your best but fallen short at times.  We are in very trying times.  I’m not encouraging bad behavior.  What I want to discourage is lingering guilt and analysis paralysis.  We have to keep moving forward.

The only question when pondering an undertaking is, is this good for my people?   Is this good for White people?


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