Police Beat Anti-Whites at Philadelphia Rally Today

A group called “We The People” held a rally today in Philadelphia. The group is made up of “Patriots, Militia, 3%ers, Constitution Loving Americans, Pro Good Cop people, Pro ICE people, Pro Law and Order people , Pro Life people, Pro American Values people, Pro Gun people and Anti Illegal Immigration people.

The various browns and NPCs protesting the rally seemed to want to stir up violence and the cops gave it right back to them.


8 thoughts on “Police Beat Anti-Whites at Philadelphia Rally Today

  1. Michael Weaver

    I have friends that are active law enforcement and they are on our side. A lot of police hate Antifa as they’ve told me this personally. Alas, some officers have been brainwashed by the SPLC and the ADL. We must counter their Jewish propaganda and win over our boys in blue. I’ve had many sympathetic officers look out for me during my legal activism in the People’s Republic of Columbus Georgia.

    Some gave me inside information regarding special meetings that were about me as well as a local judge that was a friend of mine and part of the white resistance. We must get our people in positions of power. We need Judges,lawyers,police officers,prosecutors,university students,military,etc…

    This is what the Jews have been doing for many decades and this is why they’re successful. Take a page from the enemies playbook. Or follow the strategies and tactics of Sun Tzu’s Art of war.


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