Media Blackout-Google Employees Staging Walkout For Thursday-SHARE THIS!


There’s trouble in Google Paradise.   More than 200 Google engineers are organizing a companywide “women’s walk” walkout on Thursday.

The reason?   When kikes like (((AndyARubin))) are accused of sexual misconduct they get asked to leave WITH an 8 figure severance package.

I hate Google so I’m very glad to see them get the #metoo treatment.   I’m so shawked though that it’s gawd’s special itty bitty chosen children that keep getting caught acting like perverts.  My preacher told me the Jews were super-duper holy people. HA!

Incidentally a few years ago I worked at a company where one of the men that worked there presented himself NAKED to a female employee after hours when no one was around (unsolicited)  His punishment?  He got to work from home from then on.  Some punishment.  I guess I don’t have to tell you that the company was owned by Jews.

Jews are nothing like us.  We need to live apart from them.  They have Israel.  That’s enough.



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