Good News! Generation Identity in France Has Been Busy!

This month Generation Identitaire has been very active. The mainstream media doesn’t want White advocates to know about these sorts of things because it emboldens us.

It seems the group stormed the headquarters of the NGO SOS Mediterranean on October 6.

They hung a banner claiming that the SOS Mediterranean NGO is complicit in the trafficking of human beings.  I don’t know if this NGO is purposely contributing to human trafficking but when you drop of thousands of poorly skilled people in a foreign country, I’m pretty sure they are going to get exploited.(forced into sex or labor slavery)

Who is SOS Mediterranean, you might ask?  According the their website they are “European citizens who chartered the rescue vessel Aquarius in order to save people in distress in the Central Mediterranean”.  They have headquarters in France, Italy and Germany.  Here’s a link to one of their propagada films.  It’s in French but you’ll see that it’s the usual appeal to people’s emotions.

The brave 22 French activists were arrested.  I don’t know what the status on them is at this point.

As of October 27, the Aquarius is docked at Marseille Harbor for 3 weeks.  The reason for this is the Panama Maritime Authority revoked the registration of the ship because of pressure from the government of Italy at the end of September.  Apparently they need to be registered and have a flag from the Panama Maritime Authority to perform their “rescue” services.

The Aquarius has rescued 29,000 invaders in the last two and a half years.

Keep the pressure on folks!

My apologies if you already know these things already.  I have been avoiding the topic for awhile because…I guess I just avoid looking at black people drowning in the sea.  It’s very pathetic and icky at the same time.  It’s been very effective with the bleeding heart fools though!


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