Small Victories – White Pill Edition

videoblocks-a-lot-of-small-white-pills-in-a-womans-hand-the-girl-looks-over-the-pills-in-her-palm_ram2e-hj8z_thumbnail-full01One of the reasons I have kept this blog going in spite of it having a small readership is to bring some good news to the table. I take my black pills everyday and it keeps the fire under me but we need to acknowledge the small victories too lest we lose heart.  Finding the good news and recording it doesn’t pay the bills like black pilling people might but it’s the right thing to do.   The black-pillers are intentionally or otherwise convincing people that we have no hope.  Untrue!

The White Pill for today  is the almost $320 million in grants that is being awarded to states to combat the opioid crisis.  Now, I hope the money will be spent wisely and it won’t be another (intentional?) failure.  The Chinese government in the 19th century ended the Opium Wars against its country by shutting down opium dens, arresting and executing opium dealers and refusing to trade with the country that was bringing in the opium (England).  The Chinese government under Lin Zexu forced England to trade in all the opium they had for tea, then the government mixed the opium with lime and salt and dumped it into the sea.  We too must crack down hard on the drug dealers, legal and otherwise. I am hopeful we are headed in this direction and quickly.

We must stop sending foreign aid to countries like Mexico who are producing street drugs.  We must prevent drug dealers from bringing these drugs into our country by any means necessary.  “Human rights”  be damned.  We also need to deal with the legal drug dealers such as the Sacklers of Purdue drugs.  By any means necessary.  We are at war and we’ve only just begun to fight.



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