Preparing To Be Doxed

In memory of Andrew Dodson.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure so here are some things you can do to prevent being doxed.

Never use your real name in person or online when doing activism. Anyone who would bully you into using your real name is either stupid, suicidal, rich or a federal agent. Don’t fall for that BS.  Protect your family and assets. We all need to eat and have a place to live.

Work toward having your own business. If you insist on having a corporate job, have a side job or skill that you can fall back on if you lose your job.  The more skilled you are the more nimble you can be changing careers or businesses at will. This is a form of white power.

Honestly if you are a doctor or are in a stem field you are better off not being an activist. You can do more good earning a lot of money and having a large White family. If you don’t want to have a family, you could donate money to groups, authors etc that are doing good work. Or you could help a white family that is homeschooling. There’s plenty to do.

If possible, hide the location where you live.  This gets more complex and may take some time but it’s something to work toward.You probably can’t do it if you have children. even if you homeschool, the state has a way of wanting to keep track of our children.  J.J. Luna (A White Spaniard) has written some books about privacy if this interests you but for starters, next time you move into a new home, don’t give out your address. Get a private mail box (not a PO Box) where your bills and other mail can be sent. This should keep your home address off of online search sites. Don’t even have a pizza delivered to your home address lest you end up on a database.  Auto registration and driver’s licensing are more difficult. Some have gotten away with using the private mail box in the space where your home address is supposed to go. It is easier to do if you have a private mailbox rather than US Postal Service. Others get an out of state LLC and hide their assets there.  

Stay off of social media with your real name.  This makes it more difficult for people to find out who your family members and friends are should your true identity be found out. One of the tactics of antifa and other scumbags is to turn your family and friends against you. With regard to this, be the cool racist. Nobody likes the angry curmudgeon. Be the helpful, reliable guy or a gal that inspires loyalty. Be the guy or gal others can come to when they get tired of multiculturalism and need someone to talk to. I know it’s hard sometimes but try not to rant and rave and win arguments.  It’s bad optics.  In the current year, subtlety is more effective for our cause.

Basically what you are doing is making it difficult to get information on you so most of the time your would-be tormentors will move on to someone else. You are also laying the groundwork so that if you ARE doxed, you will probably have at least one friend or family member that will stick by you and you’ll have a way to eke out a living for a while until things cool off.

IF in spite of everything, you ARE doxxed, the most important thing you can do is stay in your frame.  Just because some NPCs and rat-faced kikes are kvetching at you and lying about you does not mean they are right.  You are not a criminal for being Pro-White.  You have given selflessly to your people and we appreciate it even if we don’t talk about it all the time.  Hold your mud.  Be you.  You will recover from this if you keep your head.





2 thoughts on “Preparing To Be Doxed

  1. Charles Manson

    Sad, but true. Patrick Little had nasty critters plastering his family’s residence. OTH, anyone not being followed by some Hebrew in Tel Aviv is obviously not worth a hill of beans,


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