Money Monday – Sound Nutrition For Sound Finances

Most of you know this already but it bears repeating.  Putting good food into your body will help you make money.  You can get away with a lot in your youth and early 20s but most people start to pay the price for unhealthy eating habits in their 30s.  I’ve seen people of that age with high blood pressure, pre-diabetes and more.

In the 40s things get very real with some starting to getting full-on diabetes, heart attacks, cancers and more.  The 50s and beyond get really ugly.  Most Americans don’t even want to think about those years but they come whether you’re ready or not.  Go to your local Denny’s, Coco’s or whatever your local diner style restaurant is called.  That’s where you see lots of old, fat, LIMPING White people who are too lazy to cook.  They go to these diners for nourishment but the food is SO full of fat, sugar and artificial preservatives, you wouldn’t believe it.  These people are killing themselves with this franken-food.  Sad!

Okay so I’m getting a little off track.  The thing is, even before all these problems set in, your brain is effected by what you’re eating.  High sugar consumption for instance causes the brain to slow down and can even give you brain fog.  How are you supposed to work at top capacity with that going on?  Can you make good decisions about your life and finances when you’re sluggish and sleepy?   We are at war for our very survival.  We need to have our wits about us.  Go easy on the sugar (alcohol and starches turn into pure sugar in your body, so go easy on those too)!

Making money is one thing but keeping it is another.  62% of bankruptcies in the United States are attributable medical expenses.  Even with decent insurance (and not everyone HAS decent insurance) a major illness could WIPE YOU OUT, never to recover.  Imagine being too sick to stand up and owing 10s of thousands of dollars or more to hospitals and doctors.  Imagine the regret you’ll feel knowing you may have prevented this catastrophe by eating healthier.

Your friends may not be a good influence with this sort of thing.  If you don’t want to cut them out of your life completely, learn to ignore them when they talk about getting fast food, donuts, etc.  Set a good example for them so maybe they won’t ruin their health and finances.

And please know that when I am pointing at others, “judging” their eating habits, I have three fingers pointing back at me!  I’m always trying to improve my nutrition and fitness.  It’s not always easy.  Take baby steps if you have to but don’t delay working toward good health.  It’s good for your life and your wallet.

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