Mixed Race Person Sympathizes With Alt-Right Racists

From Reddit:

As a mixed person, I see now the alt rights argument, how could I be so blind?

I’m three races mixed, white is 1/4 of my %. For a long time my mother has told me to date her race (Asian), and I never deemed that as racist. I hear other people of differing races besides white openly say they don’t like when others of their race date outside (for example black women hating black men for dating white girls) and they’re never called out on it. I’m light skin, and the amount of vitriol I received from darker skinned people is immeasurable. I’ve never seen that as racist.

So why when a white person wants to preserve their race, why are they called racist? I just don’t get it, so you have my sympathy for what it’s worth (zero) and I can’t blame you for scoffing at race mixing, even if I disagree with you 100%.

Thanks anonymous Redditor.  Race mixing White parents are so selfish.  Family formation should include something besides getting revenge on your parents or some kind of fetish with lower races.  Think of the children!  You are potentially saddling them with a mental illness and they are almost definitely going to get picked on by jealous darker people.  Sad.

Reddit thread with comments


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