Things I didn’t know. Maybe you didn’t either.


I was young when the Jim Jones mass suicide by “kool aid” took place.  I always assumed it was a bunch of White people who killed themselves.  Nope.  Turns out that 75% of them were black females.  (assumedly around 85 IQ) Not sure why I always thought it was mostly White people.  Some kind of “mandela effect” or did the media de-emphasize this fact?

Heres’s another thingy I didn’t know about.  Do you remember the murder of James Craig Anderson?  Supposedly a bunch of White kids murdered him because he was black.  Did you know that he was also gay?  Did you know that him and his gay lover had adopted a child?  Why would a couple of fags adopt a child like a normal couple?  Having butt sex isn’t normal or good. Ok, I’m gonna say it.  That butt-hole is meant for poop exit only, not sex!  You’ve got to be mentally ill to allow yourself to be invaded that way.  You’ve got to be a sadist to invade someone that way.  Mentally ill people and sadists shouldn’t be allowed to adopt children.  What else don’t we know about James Craig Anderson?

Nothing was lost that night in 2011 when Anderson was killed.  Somehow those kids kept a healthy instinct in spite of being (I’ll assume) in the public school system.  I’m sad that they are in prison.  They are heroes.

I’ll be looking at more stories like this in the future.  A lot of information has been withheld or de-emphasized in order to trick us.  Let’s keep unraveling these stories that have been used to brainwash us.




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