Peak Negro-White Lady Calls 911 on Pack of Negros Hanging Out At Store-Leader Has Marched With Black Lives Matter

Not one of the news outlet reporting this have mentioned that the head negro is a Black Nationalist.  His name is Jonathan Thrower but he goes by the name of Shakem Amen Akhet.  Akhet is the leader of the Asafo Community Development Association – a group which derives its name from the Akan word for “WAR PEOPLE.”

Hmmmmm.  Jewstream media left that little bit out.  Turns out he has marched with Black Lives Matter, a violent terrorist organization.


The whole thing seems to fit into the formula used at Starbucks where negroes are just hanging out, not buying anything and refuse to leave. Then feign outrage.

They are calling this South Carolina woman “gas station Brenda” and also “gas station Gail” and plan to ruin her life over this.  Don’t worry Brenda, life goes on.  If I saw a bunch of “anti-violence” black demonstrators in front of my home or place of business, I would be worried too.

Huffpro (and yahoo) actually got the scoop on what appened.  So predictable.

Murphy USA, a national gas station chain, told Yahoo in a statement that 30 to 40 people were gathered outside of the Murphy Express location in North Charleston. The company said members of the group refused to leave after being asked to do so by an employee, which prompted a call to law enforcement.

“Safety issues arose due to people, many of which were young children, being in and around the flow of store traffic, and disruptions to the business were caused by an external emergency fuel stop button being struck numerous times, which shut down all fuel pumps at our site,” the statement read.

I know Negroes.  You dindu nuffin.  White lady jus raciss.


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