Proud Boys

imageedit_12_9368848461In my opinion they are fake group.  I’m always suspicious of people who can jet across the U.S. and find brawls to get into.  How do they make a living?  Sure, it’s possible they have location independent work…but I doubt it.

And what’s with the homosexual mustache on McInnes?  Ugh.

Does George Soros pay these guys so his antifa groups have someone to make headlines with?

Like I’ve mentioned before.  I’m old.  I keep seeing these circus acts come and go.  A rule of thumb is, if a group or a person is getting a lot of press, they are probably not only not legitimate but they are probably going to flame out in some embarrassing way.  See:  Matt Heimbach and Jordan Peterson.

What do you guys and gals think?


4 thoughts on “Proud Boys

  1. clytemnestra57

    Before the Charlottesville Fiasco, something about Richard Spencer and Jason Kessler, in particular, got my spidey senses tingling. I kept asking how they supported themselves. Later, I read that those two collected dossiers and pictures from the young men who participated while they encouraged them in Reichstag behavior like the torch lit processions where (((The Usual Suspects)) who had infiltrated them made a point of changing “You Will Not Replace Us” to “JEWs Will Not Replace Us!” Unlike Antifa, they were all unmasked and then the leaders of this nonsense were shocked, I tell you, shocked, that one young man,Andrew Dotson, ended up being doxed, lost his job, and was disowned by his family, and ultimately committed suicide.

    I was at Occidental Dissent where someone who frequented Spencer’s Alt Right Site and was riling up the posters with all kinds of maniacal machoism (that involves stepping on one’s own dick) and I got torqued and said that his ideas were so stupid that only a government agent provocateur could have thought of them and strongly advised Hunter to give this guy’s ISP to the FBI to cover his own ass in case something inevitably happened. The guy tried to placate me, but disappeared after that thread.

    In any case, Kessler and Spencer are highly questionable characters who have left nothing but destruction in their wake, setting back any gains that White Nationalism by God only knows how many years and Spencer, in particular, has done this since Trump, the most sympathetic President Whites have had in decades won the election with Seig Heil Gate. So anytime an Antifa loony leftist punches Spencer in that smug, smirking face of his, angel earns his wings.

  2. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street Post author

    Thanks Cly. I find it very telling that Gavin McInnis is now arranging the surrender of his men to the authorities. What the heck is that? Will HE be going down with the ship like a good captain? I highly doubt it. Ugh. So sad for these well intentioned young men.


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