Money Monday – FU Money And The White Nationalist

Maybe some of you have heard of this before.  FU money.  Simply put, it means you have money put aside so that if your work environment gets too toxic, you can quit without worrying about your next meal or how you’ll pay your mortgage.  You can say F%$# you to your boss if you want.  (if not verbally, just by the act of you walking off your job)

Here’s the problem.  According to a new study, the median American household has (between bank accounts and retirement savings) $11,700 and a full third of American households don’t even have $1000 saved.  Not good.  No wonder people feel like wage slaves.  They can’t walk away easily if they don’t have much cash!

I’ll be if everyone in the U.S. had six months of expenses saved up ($12000 or more-my guess) employers might have to be more careful about how they treated people.  That’s not going to happen though.  The important thing is, that WE have the option to move on from a crappy job, if we need to OR we have funds to fall back on if we are doxxed (outed as a White Nationalist).  It’s a real thing and it will probably get worse before it gets better.

Now I’m going to get a little more kooky and suggest you don’t keep all your money in the bank.  Bank accounts can be confiscated. (this is especially a concern if you’re doxxed).  Keep some in the bank if you like and perhaps buy silver or gold with some of the rest.  You can also hide cash in your home.  I don’t suggest putting it in an obvious place like your sock/underwear drawer or under your mattress.  Those are the first places a thief would look.  Get creative but don’t forget where you cache is!  You can also buy things that could be sold later.  The survivalists can give you lots of ideas but a couple I know of are alcohol, guns, art work and the like.  If you know how to sell online, there’s all sorts of merchandise you could buy and store, then sell if you quit your job.

In closing, if you’ve got a job, make sure you have FU money, as much as you can put together so you can walk away from your job if you want to OR so that you can do your online or real world activism without (too much) worry.  That’s freedom.  And that’s what we want right?


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