Measure Twice, Cut Once

Note:  you’re probably wondering what makes me think that I should be giving advice or acting like a parent on this blog.  It’s because I’m old now. But seriously, a lot of our culture, our ways have been buried under judeo-consumerism.  I like to remember our ways of doing things, our little sayings, our not oft-used words because it makes me happy and I find them helpful and want to share or remember them with you. Some of you young folks may never have heard of some of the old sayings in particular. These are things that used to be passed on. Maybe your parents didn’t pass them on to you but I will if you will allow me.

Measure twice cut once comes from carpentry where it is understood that if you don’t measure carefully and you cut the wood incorrectly you have wasted the piece of wood and your time because you will have to start over.

Applied to other situations, this approach will slow you down from doing something impulsive that you will pay for later if it is the wrong decision. One example I have seen a couple of times in the last year or so is people who moved to a new area of the country without giving it some kind of dry run.  In one case the people ended up hating the place and in the other case they realized the area was too expensive for them.  Certain tattoos come to mind as well.  A friend of mine is currently paying a fortune for multiple visits to get her tattoo removed. It’s painful!  So as you can see, these types of mistakes can be quite costly financially and emotionally.

Another saying you don’t hear much anymore is, a stitch in time saves nine. It comes from sewing and it means if you see a thread unraveling in your clothing and you go ahead and stitch it up right away, you will prevent the problem from getting worse.  This saying encourages us to not ignore problems hoping they will go away but to deal with them early on before they get worse. (After thinking things through very carefully of course)

Hope you enjoy this blog post and I hope you will use these sayings and pass them on to other white people. Happy Sunday!


3 thoughts on “Measure Twice, Cut Once

  1. Callahan Braun

    White Wisdom. Good post. I encourage more like this.

    Our best ancestors and the best of our White race currently among us already established a great White Foundational Knowledge System (not a crap belief system, a knowledge system). But not enough of our fellow Whites realize it and seek it out. They won’t get it by watching the jewsmedia.

    Now, what sayings do we have to counter our damned characteristic of gullibility to the jews’ LIES?


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