OCD-A First World Humble Brag

A few years ago, OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) was considered a serious problem. The person with this condition was basically unable to function because they spent so much time checking things over and over again after asking questions such as, “did I lock the door?” or “did I turn the iron off before I left the house?” Or the sufferer might repetitively wash their hands to the point of rawness.  You’re all going to think I’m a little over the top with this but I’d bet dollars to donuts that it’s mainly jews that actually have this serious disorder which is why it got so much press a few years ago (Just like anorexia nervosa.  You heard it here first)

Still, Whites need to be medicated so many White people were told they had this disorder as well.

Fast forward 20 plus years since the press started covering this, and lots of normie Whites think they have OCD too.  It’s cool to have a condition and a therapist.  Very sophisticated!

So if you have a clean organized home or workspace, there’s something wrong with you.  You must have OCD and you’ll need to have mind altering medication.

Don’t buy into this nonsense.  You probably don’t need meds.  Focus on your strengths. Good video below.

I guess, in this pink haired, tattooed, huge ear plugs, sloppy, racemixing, drug using, fat society you ARE a bit of an anomaly if you have STANDARDS.  Brag if you want, you deserve to, but don’t call it a disorder.


4 thoughts on “OCD-A First World Humble Brag

  1. Akuma

    Normies ( especially the Millenial ones) have an annoying compulsion to derail any conversation by inserting mental health concerns. The closer you get to the truth the faster the talk of being concerned about your mental health comes up. Well the ones tryig to virtue signal how smart they are at least do. The dumber ones try and pigeonhole you as a Right of Left or Center as fast as possible.

    “I guess, in this pink haired, tattooed, huge ear plugs, sloppy, racemixing, drug using, fat society you ARE a bit of an anomaly if you have STANDARDS.”

    The laymans definition of Paranoid.

  2. yespasaran

    It used to be that a desire for order, cleanliness, & precision were considered stereotypical German traits. So it is no wonder they were pathologized as a disorder, namely OCD. You see this again with children, as typical childish behavior such as high energy, not wanting to sit still, wanting constant physical activity, ect. are misdiagnosed, often on purpose, as ADD or ADHD.


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