Rose City Portland Antifa Must Be Stopped

I don’t know how but somehow these “people” need to be neutralized.  They are stopping random white people in the street and threatening them. It’s totally out of hand.

I would say they should be doxed but most of them probably don’t have jobs.  Just a bunch of smelly fat drug addicts.

The cops are letting them get away with this. What shall be done about these idiots?


4 thoughts on “Rose City Portland Antifa Must Be Stopped

  1. yespasaran

    Antifa in left wing areas operate as an auxiliary to state power. If you are successful at defending yourself against them, as our side so often is, you face the full wrath of the state. Antifa have no serious legal troubles because those in power basically agree with them ideologically. If you beat them badly enough repeatedly, like in Berkeley & Dover, they usually sit the next few rounds out which gives you time and room to organize. At least until the state decides to imprison you. They are vulnerable to doxxing if they live in conservative areas; Arkansas antifa survived a whole year before they were doxxed and faded away. Our guys in the South have extensive information on anti-whites in their areas, and without a wholly sympathetic government to take their side they are unable to operate at a significant threat level.


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