I’m glad that my kinsman Judge Kavanaugh is probably going to be instrumental in turning  back Roe V. Wade.

To those of you that think abortion is okay because lots of blacks are doing it, I say, so are Whites.  Apparently they’d rather travel hundreds of miles to go to an abortion clinic to have their own child murdered than to insist their “lover” to use a condom.  Sad!

(((People))) moved mountains to protest Kavanaugh so they could keep this sick, bloody practice legal.  It’s so bizarre.  Some say these jews actually worship moloch and  he demands this blood sacrifice.  I’m beginning to think the idea is not too far-fetched!

The good news is that many states have been quietly making abortions harder and harder to obtain.  Some states now have what’s called a “trigger law” which means if Roe V Wade is overturned, abortions will automatically be illegal in that state. I believe more states will follow suit.  I like the direction this is going in.

And for those of you that have been depending of non-Whites to abort their offspring as a kind of self-eugenic program, that’s kind of lazy and ineffective in my opinion.  If things keep going as they have been, we will have other means of separating ourselves from non-Whites.  It may even be less violent that ripping a small baby from it’s only means of support.


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