Money Monday-Minimalism and The White Nationalist

White Nationalism and Minimalism go together like peas and carrots.

To start with, the main reason we have so many non-Whites in the United States is because lazy, greedy people brought them in for cheap or free labor so they could have MOAR stuff and a luxury/party lifestyle.   WE are reaping the punishment for their bad behavior.  So by doing our OWN work and not needing a lot of useless items we starve the the multicultural labor force. Yeah!

The only reason to want extra money is to take care of the future needs of yourself and your family.  Caveat-if you are blessed with the intellect and ambition to make money beyond those basic current and future needs, then the surplus should be used toward the security of our race.

Life without throwing away money can be grand.  Even when living on a little money, life provides plenty of opportunities, challenges and changes to keep us stimulated.  You just have to go deep and be very present in your own life.

By going deep, you delve into your life with gusto. For example, when you go out to walk your dog (if you have one), notice what your dog is up to. Make mental notes of his behavior. Dogs are fascinating.  There’s still so much we don’t understand about them after years of coexisting with them!  If you don’t have a dog, just walk outside and notice how the leaves on the trees change from day to day.  Notice new flowers coming out.  Notice bugs, spiders, lizards, toads and humans.  It’s truly a theater of sights and sounds outdoors. Bonus points for greeting your neighbors with a smile or nod!

That’s just one example of something you can do everyday to be involved in your own life without spending money.   It’s much more sustainable and healthy than eating at expensive restaurants.

If you’ve got a little money to burn and you’re bored, start a side business.  Don’t borrow money to do it!  The internet provides lots of low cost things to try. You can podcast, make YouTube videos, sell stuff, publish books or music etc.  Don’t worry if you’re not very good.  You’ll probably get better if you keep working at it.

Do you have kids at home or grandkids around?  Try to figure out how to best help them navigate this life.  I’m not talking about throwing money at them.  I’m talking about marketing yourself to them so they will be interested in what you have to say.  Do those special “dates” where you take the child out for a nice inexpensive outing regularly.  Get to know them and tell them about you and some of your childhood memories.  Be the wise one they can come to with their problems.

Really, there’s so much we can do!  There’s no need to hide out and escape our lives by blowing money on stupid things.  Our lives aren’t mundane unless we make them that way.  It is up to us to dig in to the great adventure that is our life.  Not only are we and those around us happier, but we deprive Jews and other greedy bastards of our extra money.   We give our LIFE, TIME and ENERGY to obtain this money so let’s not let it give it away!


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