Weird Wednesday – Best Actress Ever

But not really, if you’re paying attention.

In 1998 Hillary Clinton, with a straight face, talks about the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy that was “conspiring against her husband”.


20 years later, in the following video Clinton nods her head non-stop as if to convince us (and maybe herself) of the veracity of what she’s about to say then laughs at Brett Kavanaugh’s  claim that the hit job being done on him was being done on behalf of the Clintons.

Why would this troll laugh?  Weird huh?

She also disingenuously jokes that the Clintons started this (conspiracy) 36 years ago (when he was supposed to have touched a girl-BAD MAN)

It’s at the beginning of the video.  Funny how this lunatic (and what’s she hiding under her ill fitting jacket?  A tumor?  A bottle?) can laugh as she (or at the very least her party) destroys a good man.  Laughter is just one of many tools in this troll’s arsenal, along with lies and threats behind the scenes.  This time the destruction is so that Whites and others can keep killing their own children because apparently it makes the left happy when people kill their own flesh and blood.  And that’s REALLY weird.




1 thought on “Weird Wednesday – Best Actress Ever

  1. yespasaran

    The daily news cycle in Washington is about as real as professional wrestling. In the 90s, Bill Clinton was as hardline on immigration as Trump is; it did us no good because he did nothing after he was elected. Sound familiar? He even used a Confederate battle flag when campaigning in the South, something no politician would touch nowadays.

    So why does the left go all out against Trump & Kavanaugh? It’s not because these people are secretly on our side; they’re not. They hate us. It’s because of something communists call the “fascist creep”, which is the slowing down or rolling back of even a small part of their agenda, or even a shifting of the overton window slightly to the right. It’s why they attack even Bernie bros for waving the American flag. And it pushes people right into our camp.


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