Tactics Tuesday-Based Greeks Kill Thieving, Drug Addict, Super Fag in Athens

Born in the U.S., butt sex (aka gay) activist, cross dresser, alleged drug addict Zak Kostopoulos was beaten to death when he tried to rob a jewelry store in Athens.  The owner of the store called the cops then commenced to kicking Kostopoulos.  At least one other man came to help.

The forensic report said the bodily injuries did not seem severe enough to cause death so perhaps something else killed him.  Possibly the HIV virus he so proudly carried.  Or maybe his drug problem.

Gay people are mentally ill.  They are not gay (happy).  They are attention starved sickos who love pain or inflicting pain.  I’m glad he is out of his misery now.  Gays need to get their shit together because if they Right Wing Death Squads don’t kill them, the Muslims will.

This Zak creature reminds me of Milo the fake White Nationalist.  Maybe they all start looking the same after a while.


Screenshot 2018-10-02 at 5.36.49 AM

zak kostopoulos, dead.


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