Geometry, Blogging and Ambitions

I got my geometry book in the mail a couple of days ago.  I can’t seem to find the time/energy to get started doing geometry.  I got up at 4 pm today after 6 hours of sleep but I feel really groggy and I’m going to feel this way through out the day.  Is that normal?

I work full time and I have a little side business that I am trying to optimize.  There’s this spreadsheet thingy that I’m working on that, if I can figure it out will make me more efficient.  The point is, I have a lot going on.

So I’m wondering if I shouldn’t take the pressure off myself to do geometry everyday (which isn’t happening) and wait until I have a block of time to do a bunch at once.

Right now, I just feel like a tired failure.  Do any of you struggle with things like this?

I’m a little proud of myself for blogging everyday for a month straight.  Sometimes it’s hard.  I read, skim or glance at a lot of articles where our rights are being trampled.  It’s pretty depressing.  Still I try to glean some promising news from the pile of poop that is the jewstream media.

Hope you like what I write and if there’s a particular subject relating to White Nationalism that you’d like to read more about please let me know and I’ll be on the lookout.  I’m still hoping a grammar nazi will come along to help me make my writing more coherent.  A girl can dream!



5 thoughts on “Geometry, Blogging and Ambitions

  1. Hipster Racist

    Geometry is a *great* choice to start with re-learning all that math you forgot since school. It’s really how math was discovered too, the classical Greeks and Romans thought of geometry as the core of math.

    Truly the trick is to just get into a habit. You force yourself to do it for just 20 minutes a day, every day. 20 minutes is literally just five minutes more than 15 minutes. 15 minutes is nothing.

    The other trick is you just don’t worry really about “learning” or remembering anything at first. It’s just about brainwashing yourself into a habit. Just do the first chapter a dozen times, 20 minutes at a time. At some point it will “click” and you’ll want to keep going.

    I went to the library and got a book (for adults) that was literally elementary school arithmetic. I forced myself to do all the problems, starting with literally 2+2. I had forgotten all sorts of little things, tricks, etc., and starting from first grade stuff filled in the blanks. It also made me rethink all the things I did all the time without thinking.

    It was boring at first but after a few months I was really into it and started reading about number theory, etc., really abstract stuff that I had studied in college but never used thus forgot.

    It’s really worth it – just stick with it!

  2. yespasaran

    Let me know if you need some help with your geometry. Kahn Academy is also a great resource if you’re looking to relearn math. HR is 100% on the money about not doing too much at once, but making it part of your daily routine.


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