No One Wants Negroes Watching their Children

Let’s just be honest here.  Negroes are out of Africa where it’s every man or woman for themselves.  They aren’t even nice to each other.

They sold their own people into slavery and continue to do so today. When Western (ie. White) countries foolishly send money to African countries to help alleviate their poverty, the African leaders do not disperse the funds to the poor people but instead keep it for themselves!

In the U.S black men shoot each other in the streets all the time and black women can be so mean to their kids! (If you’ve never been around regular blacks don’t you dare disagree with me).

Of course we don’t want them around our kids. Yes of course some of them are fine but we don’t know which ones those are. There’s no reason we should and trust our children to any stranger nevermind a negress.

Giselle Maurice in New York, who is probably a pretty smart woman  messed up and accidentally sent a text meant for her husband to the black nanny who the childcare agency had sent to her.  Oops!  Gotta be careful with those texts folks!

Find out what happened next



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