Money Making Monday-Getting Certified or Diploma’d Doesn’t Mean You’ll Get a Job

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sorry this guy isn’t quite White but I’ve got a busy day ahead and just needed a “good enough” photo.

There are a lot of (((people))) offering training, certifications, licenses and diplomas out there.  It’s kind of obvious that if the “teachers” were any good at what they were teaching and there was any money in it, they would probably just work in their field.  Most training, certifications, licenses and diploma programs are simply artificial hurdles to gainful employment.

I can’t even remember all the things people could do a decades ago, that now require you to pay money for training and a piece of paper to prove it but off the top of my head there’s childcare, fitness instruction, car repair, nurses aid work, and (I believe) forklift operation.

What’s wrong with on the job training?  Do these certifications actually improve the level of service we receive?  I don’t believe so.

But just as importantly, how many people pay good money and waste their time getting training, certifications, licenses and diplomas that don’t actually help them get a job?

Before you sign your life away on some kind of training program,  know that just because you FEEL like you are doing something to improve your future doesn’t mean you aren’t spinning your wheels.  Before you take the plunge, take the time to find some people working in the field you want to go into and ask them pointed questions about the work, chances for promotion or improvement within the field, and likelihood of even getting work in the field in the current environment.  Failing to do this will cost you time, money and for most it takes a mental/emotional toll as well if things don’t work out.  In other words, you feel like a loser if you invest in one of these programs and then can’t get a job!  So do your homework.

You also may want to consider jobs that you can train yourself for (with books or inexpensive online courses from places like udemy) or get trained on the job for…here’s a small list that is in no way comprehensive.  Also check with your state/county/country because requirements vary from region to region and things change over time.


App development

Social Media Marketing/Advertising

Website design (fairly easy with wordpress) (especially mobile responsive)

3D game Development

Data Entry


Food Server (if you work at an upscale restaurant you could make BANK)

Painting – even in commie california, as long as a job pays under a certain dollar amount, you don’t need fancy training, certifications, licenses or diplomas to paint a door or whatever at someone’s house.

Dog sitter/walker

House cleaning

Taxi driver

Good luck on your job seeking journey!  We spend a lot of our lives working so I hope you’ll find something you feel good about.








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